Sunday, 27 April 2014

Purple Onions

Purple Onions and What Constitutes a Relationship
Louise is a woman in her early 40s, educated and independent, well travelled and not afraid to speak her mind. Clever men interest her, particularly those who are not intimidated by her capabilities and achievements and are not uncomfortable when told “stop” or “no” when they venture into chatterbox mode. She understands that sometimes a conversation by itself can make the body tingle all over and that tingling sensation can continue for some time after the conversation has ended. Sometimes it can even make trying to formulate anything significant in the form of a sentence a very difficult exercise. Moments like that tend to indicate that someone has garnered a little of your attention.

Even amazing women have to succumb to the realities of life and shopping for the purposes of eating and staying healthy is precisely one of those realities. The demands of her two teenage daughters help to keep her focussed on those types of occasions. Sunday afternoon had arrived and the two day-long seminar organised and run by her friend had come to an end; it was time to return to the demands imposed by some of those realities of life. Whilst purposefully negotiating her way through the supermarket she found herself amongst the fresh vegetables stands and more particularly in front of the purple onions. As she made her selection for herself and her daughters for the following few days she found herself reflecting upon a story told to her just the day before by Imogen, one of her girlfriends.

Imogen had been standing in front of the purple onions at her local supermarket when she had what turned out to be a very pleasant encounter with a man she thought to be wonderfully charming.  They each sought to make their selection of purple onions.  Upon seeing the left hand of Imogen gently clash with his right hand, Dervish softly grabbed the left hand of Imogen and spoke to her.  Dervish said, “If you had been wearing jewellery on that finger (pointing to the ring finger on her left hand) it would have been so discouraging.”  Imogen replied with a smile and they each went on their way.

Unknown to Imogen that was not the only time Dervish had seen her that day. During their respective travels through the supermarket Dervish found himself walking behind Imogen admiring the very beautiful sight before him. Her dress was modest, with a somewhat full skirt and a hemline beneath her knees. However, when she walked in front of him the dress was falling between the cheeks of her bottom, a situation that was augmented by the G string she was wearing and something for which Dervish was very happy. He found himself thinking, I bet her bottom looks great bare. Their paths diverged again, but it seemed that fate was not finished with these two shoppers.

Shortly before Dervish and Imogen were each preparing to leave the supermarket their paths crossed again.  This time Imogen made pleasant and encouraging conversation to Dervish.

After wrestling with the positives and negatives of doing the telephone number dance, Dervish finally decided to give Imogen his telephone number.  He encouraged her to telephone him if she would like to get together again; hopefully to do something more than just grocery shopping.

Louise continued to think of Imogen, rather than concentrate upon her shopping.  Louise, Dervish and that telephone number were at the forefront of her mind.  She wondered whether if the Louise / Dervish incident had happened to her, she would have telephoned Dervish, bearing in mind all that was currently going on in her life.

Having subsequently met Dervish with Imogen, Louise thought Dervish would say, “Those opportunities occur if we give them the possibility to occur. It is amazing how we can find time in our lives to do these things when the motivation exists.”

The analyst in Louise then started contemplating what constituted a relationship? However she did not quite get to the reality that if someone liked you enough, they would go grocery shopping with you and perhaps even enliven the possibility of a purple onions moment occurring.

A Letter and a Kiss
Whilst Louise dithered about her male relationships situation, Imogen was more positive and proactive, deciding to accept the invitation of Dervish and ring him to discuss shopping, life and whatever else might crop up.

After several telephone conversations and the exchange of a few e-mails, Imogen told Dervish that she would like him to write to her again, because she enjoyed reading his writing and liked his writing style. Inspired and flattered by the request from Imogen, Dervish penned and posted her a missive.

Receiving correspondence was something Imogen enjoyed.  She appreciated that with the advent of computers, most correspondence was conducted by e-mail, so when correspondence arrived by ordinary post, it often contained a component of extra excitement for her: reading the envelope, opening the envelope, unfolding the letter and reading the hard copy in front of her. When she saw that her most recent correspondence was a missive from Dervish, the excitement she was experiencing grew even more. A sense of anticipation overcame her as she undertook the exercise of actually reading the piece.

“Dear Imogen,

“You asked me to continue writing to you because it was something you enjoyed and I am happy to endeavour to accommodate your wishes so far as that is concerned. However, focussing upon something concrete and substantive to say to you has been a little difficult, because my mind keeps telling me that a more appropriate response would be to wrap myself around you and go to sleep. Whilst it is somewhat presumptuous to appropriate to you a response in such a circumstance, nevertheless in my mind you comply in a most contented way and a very pleasant night's sleep ensues. Given that this moment is essentially for your consumption, then feel free to insert into the moment the apparel we might be wearing. Either way I will be enjoying myself.

“Upon waking from that wonderful slumber I am reminded that you are a very visual woman and whilst you may have that man still draped around you, feel free to observe that his interest in you continues and it is obvious for you to see and feel. Not a bad way to start a day.

“Continuing with the ‘you are a very visual woman’ theme, it seems appropriate to give your day another couple of pleasant moments. For the purpose of this exercise you live at premises where you enjoy an appropriate level of privacy, you have a male neighbour who meets your aesthetic requirements and is also pleasant company for you.  Later in the day you are going about your normal business and you see that neighbour, all of that neighbour, for as long and as often as you choose to enjoy the moment. He is happy to chat with you because you are pleasant company and more than a little charming.

“Later again in the day, because why do a little when you can do a lot, your male suitor returns to your life to pay you some more attention. There is only the two of you in your house and you are not going to get another visitor for hours. He walks over to you, smiles and without saying a word, takes your hand and leads you to your room. Once inside your room the silence continues, he kneels in front of you and puts his hands on the button of your jeans, about to undo the button. This is not the first time this has occurred, so you have a pretty good idea as to what is going to happen. He undoes the button and then proceeds to undo the zip. Apart from the sound of breathing, the zip being underdone is the only other sound. Of course by this stage your breathing may well be increasing and your heart may well be pounding, but only you will know if that is so. He then takes your undone jeans and pulls them down, leaving you standing there resplendent in just your underwear. Your sense of anticipation is considerable, perhaps even enormous.  The silence continues. Your suitor is clearly happy with proceedings. He then moves behind you so that he is facing your bottom. He then grabs your underwear and pulls them gently to the floor. Your bottom is now completely bare, precisely as he likes it. The silence continues and although you may be able to hear the breathing, your sense of anticipation is starting to blur things a little in that regard. The moment is about to arrive. His lips approach your bare bottom, you know because you can feel his breathing all over it.

“The sense of exhilaration is almost too much to bear. He has done this before and you know how much he likes it. There is absolutely no chance he will rush this because he wants you to enjoy absolutely every moment of it. His lips are now almost on your bare bottom cheek and your knees are telling you this is almost too much to bear. Thankfully your knees do not buckle and finally the moment arrives, his lips are now on your bare bottom kissing it.

“The kiss was gentle and delicate and in reality it lasted no more than five seconds, but for those five seconds the Earth stood still.  Your male suitor told you in that special way you adore that he likes you, he wants you and he loves doing this to you and with you.

“With the kiss all but complete, to the extent that you can think of anything, you start to wonder what will happen next. Will this be one of those occasions where he then puts his hands all over your bare bottom and does so for ages, because you know how much he likes it and how much he likes putting his hands all over it? Or will it be one of those moments where the kiss is the moment and he wants the kiss to be the centre of attention? Either way you are ecstatic it is you and your bare bottom that is the centre of attention.  You are in no hurry for your bottom to be covered. It is bare, being appreciated, probably even adored, and you want that situation to continue for as long as possible.

“Time continues to effectively stand still, your bottom is bare and it is the centre of his attention. Nothing is happening in any great hurry. By now your entire body is tingling. Who would have thought that your bare bottom and a kiss could be so powerful and so effective?

“After what seems like ages, but was really probably only a couple of minutes, your suitor grabs your underwear and starts to pull them up and put them back on you. You realise today was a day about a kiss and him putting his hands all over your bare bottom will be for another day. A kiss, all that for a kiss and not one where you need to tell anyone else in the world about what went on. He continues to properly reposition your underwear.  Whilst you are a little disappointed that your bottom cannot stay bare for a little longer, perhaps even a lot longer, you realise this was a moment about a kiss.

“Time has continued to move slowly, but the tingling sensation does not, it is now in just about every part of your body. Your sense of exhilaration is almost too much for your knees to stand. With your underwear now back in place, your suitor grabs your jeans and puts them back on you properly too. As he does up the zip on your jeans he smiles at you.  You know you have just taken him to euphoria. The sound of the zip closing and his smile at you are two of his many ways of saying to you “thank you for a fabulous experience”. When he moves to do up the button on your jeans, you know that he thinks he is a very lucky man and will want to do it all again in the future.

“So you are now fully dressed again and you realise again that this was a moment about a kiss. He does not need to say anything to you; his actions have said it all. Tempted though he was to put his hands all over you and to have more of you, this time was about a kiss and the majesty it can achieve. You clearly have a fan in this man.

“The tingling sensation is obviously not leaving any time soon and it is taking all the strength and concentration your mind and knees can muster to keep you standing.

“After a little while he tells you that unfortunately he has to leave because there are some commitments that require his attendance and attention. You understand because your life makes similar demands of you from time to time. As he kisses your cheek at the front door and says "I will see you later", you can still feel his breath and lips on your bare bottom, a very pleasant memory indeed.

“You watch him drive away and you realise he came over to see you and to give you a kiss or two. Today was a day about a kiss.

“Have a great day.”

Once Imogen got to reading the body of the letter she found herself struggling to concentrate upon it and having to read it time and again.  She found herself becoming lost in the moment of what the letter was really saying. She had to sit down to read it because her knees were struggling to support her. A strong tingling sensation covered her body and she found herself almost living every moment in real life as it unfolded in the letter. Erect nipples and wet knickers were not part of the story sent to her, but they were certainly a part of the reality experienced by the woman reading the letter and she would not have it any other way.

After about half an hour Imogen had managed to finish reading the letter and she was more than a little surprised as to the effect it had upon her. A very pleasant effect indeed. This letter was for keeping, she thought, and one that she would read privately again and again.

Louise, Imogen and a Catch-Up Chat
Some two hours had passed since Imogen finished reading the letter when Louise rang to chat and catch up with what had been going on in their respective lives. Imogen saw that telephone call as an opportunity to relive the letter experience.  She embraced that opportunity by reading the letter to Louise.

On more than one occasion during that telephone conversation Louise said to Imogen “I cannot believe how lucky you are to have someone write such a beautiful letter to you.”

After Imogen had finished reading the letter to her, Louise said, “It had an impressive effect on me, so I expect it had a great effect on you.”

Imogen said “Yes it had a great effect on me. It took me at least half an hour to read it and my body loved every tingling, dripping moment of it. He can thank me in both those ways any time he likes.”

Louise then said to Imogen, “I wish I knew a man who would do that for me.”

Imogen replied, “I am not going to spoil this moment by having an argument with you, however I will say this, you need to give the men in your life an opportunity to visit that place with you and if you can do that, you may very well be surprised at the results that can be achieved. But enough about you, this occasion is essentially about me and I want to revel in and love every single moment of it.”

Somewhat out of character for Louise, she decided to keep quiet and allow Imogen to enjoy her moment.

Louise and Those Purple Onions
Louise then returned to reality.  She selected some purple onions for her daughters and herself, unaccosted by anyone, completed her shopping and went home.  During her journey in the supermarket and to her home Louise was happy.  She could provide well for herself and her daughters and she had a great friend in Imogen.  These were all things for which she could be grateful.