Thursday, 15 January 2015

Everything Has a Price To Pay

“This is a modern song, this is a social situation. Background for your casual conversation.” That is The Numbers doing Modern Song, Daniel Soames thought to himself as he approached the entrance to The Exchange Hotel, in Brisbane City, the venue for the gig by JFK & The Cuban Crisis he was attending that evening. That is a pretty good way to open the entertainment for the evening, he added.  Once inside he saw Tabasco Cortez, Felicia, Charisma, Trent, Hamish and Mirabelle. Others arrived a little later.

This group of roughly fifteen (15) to twenty (20) young people met as a result of attending music venues such as this one, night clubs and parties.  There was a roughly even spread across the sexes and they tended to continue to keep each other's company as they frequented the various performances and parties.  They could hardly be called a Scooby Gang, but friendships were formed, some of which were tighter than others.

Perhaps not surprisingly sexual experimentation takes place within the group, as does experimentation with so-called recreational drugs. Many of the group were "trying to find themselves". This all took place whilst they held down jobs and some were also studying at university.  For the most part they all got along, but it was not always smooth sailing within their respective relationships.

As the Disc Jockey followed The Numbers with Almost with You by The Church, Daniel thought there existed a reasonable sized original music scene in Brisbane for him to enjoy and he dismissed the talk that he so often heard from people from Sydney and Melbourne about the apparently limited entertainment available in Brisbane, Queensland Australia circa 1982.  He knew from experience the Brisbane scene included a diverse range of live bands, dance clubs and parties.  In fact later in the evening there was discussion amongst his group of friends about a party being held at Paddington the following afternoon, Saturday.  Daniel was told that he should come along.

A little later in the evening Daniel had the following exchange with Tabasco Cortez:
Daniel: Have you heard the new album by Blue Rondo a la Turk, Chewing The Fat?
Tabasco: I thought Billy Idol or Altered Images would be more your style?
Daniel: How long have we known each other?
Tabasco: About twelve (12) months.
Daniel: Where did we meet?
Tabasco: The same as with the rest of our group, at a music venue like this one.
Daniel: What do we talk about what we get together?
Tabasco: Mostly music.
Daniel: So how is it against all of that background, you seem to not know my taste in music?
Tabasco: I guess I do not pay as much attention as I should.

JFK & The Cuban Crisis then started their gig and the rest of the world could wait, as far as Daniel was concerned.

Buoyed by the wonderful experience of the JFK & The Cuban Crisis gig Daniel decided to attend the Paddington party Saturday afternoon.

Shortly after he arrived at the party Daniel happened upon a conversation involving Charisma, one of the females within the group, and a few other members of their group present at the party.  Charisma loudly expressed her opinion about Trent and Hamish, two (2) of the younger males within the group, both of whom were only months out of high school. Daniel understood each of them to have some heterosexual experience under their respective belts, including a dalliance or three (3) with one (1) or two (2) of the girls within the group.  However thanks to Charisma, he learned that those two (2) young men apparently decided to partner off or at least get together. Charisma was kind enough to share with anyone who was within earshot that she considered that this liaison was not a union based on love, but a youthful experimentation. Her disdain was clear for all to see and hear.

Daniel thought this was a surprise admission from Charisma because previously she had not expressed any sexual or romantic interest in either of the males concerned and ordinarily she was rather quiet and reserved.

Notwithstanding that obvious disdain from Charisma, Felicia asked the group if anyone had seen either Trent or Hamish that day.  Mirabelle said that she had heard they both were admitted to hospital, having taken too many drugs the night before.  She did not seem too concerned for either of them.

Charisma added “That is hardly surprising news.  It is not the first time they have done that and I suspect it will not be the last.  I expect it will mean days off work again for both of them.”

No one seemed to be arguing with Charisma.

Daniel then saw Tabasco Cortez was at the party, so he went over to talk to him.  They each said that they intended to go to The Underground night club that evening.

Reality Bites
Over the next two (2) to three (3) years the Scooby Gang stayed together, for the most part, but the demands of work and life started to chip away at the group and by 1985 it had all but disintegrated.

As far as Daniel was aware, the fledgling Trent / Hamish relationship continued during that period, even though both parties apparently saw other people from time to time.  Their life of experimentation had introduced them to not just social scarring, but also physical and mental scarring. Their at times rather obvious relationship was not generally accepted in the wider community. Charisma and her disdain was something with which they could deal, they thought, but dealing with the disapproval from their respective work colleagues was much harder for them individually and together. They found advancement opportunities were much rarer for them than their respective work colleagues and they ultimately realised that did not occur by accident.

Their drug taking caused them both health problems and their sexual experimentation introduced them to sexually transmitted diseases on more than one occasion.  It was not uncommon for them to have to spend days in hospital to deal with the consequences of their excesses.  The complications that created at work made their lives even more difficult.

Whilst they had each other they were fine and they did not notice the increasing isolation they were experiencing as the Scooby Gang chose to mix with them less and less. They also failed to immediately notice how the greater community was also not as accepting of them individually or together as that community accepted the other members of their Scooby Gang. They lived in their own bubble of youth, ignoring the outside world. When the bubble burst, the culture shock the real world had in store for them was severe.

The End Is Near, The Final Curtain?
By early 1986 the increasing tension in their relationship became too much for Trent and Hamish to bear and they ultimately ended their relationship. It was then that they found out the difficulties that their previous life choices had created for them. Their respective working environments were seriously not accepting of their homosexual disposition and lifestyle, whether it be one of convenience or genuine. They were also both experiencing increasing health problems from their considerable drug and alcohol consumption and carefree attitude to sex.  Hamish learned that his liver was failing and he would probably soon need a transplant.  Trent discovered that his kidneys were in a similar state of deterioration.

A future of increasing isolation and deteriorating health was not one either of them foresaw
when they decided to get together only months after they initially met. Whether their relationship was genuine or merely one of convenience, its ultimate consequences for them were very real and they both respectively acknowledged that they did not possess the skills to deal with those difficulties alone.

Hamish pursued relationships with women from time to time, none of which lasted any significant time. Both he and Trent foresaw no prospect of a reconciliation between them and they pursued separate lives.

Trent moved out of the home of his parents and into shared accommodation with two (2) other people he had met in his recent night-clubbing forays. He tried to form friendships that might offer some support to him in a life which appeared to be decaying relentlessly for him. His new friends liked to party and abuse alcohol and drugs. After five (5) months Trent realised that that shared accommodation was not a healthy environment for him and he moved back in with his parents. They continued to urge Trent to remain sufficiently focussed so that he would keep his job. To that extent they were successful. Despite his troubles, Trent managed to keep his job.

As his health deteriorated, Trent required more and more medical care and he spent considerably more time at his local public hospital. That also reduced the time available in his life to pursue social activities. Invariably Trent attended his medical appointments alone because he had no adults in his life supporting him, other than his parents.

Unbeknown to Trent, Hamish was also attending the same public hospital to receive treatment for his condition. Hamish had crossed paths again with Felicia when they simultaneously attended the same music shop. They spent some time together catching up over several months and whilst no romantic relationship was formed, Felicia was someone from whom Hamish gained support for his situation. In that regard, Felicia was more valuable to Hamish than any of the girlfriends he may have had at the time.

Felicia and Charisma
Whilst accompanying Hamish during one of his hospital visits, Felicia ran into Charisma, who worked as a Patient Liaison Officer at the hospital. Felicia and Charisma had not seen each other for a couple of years. They spent a little time catching up and Felicia told Charisma she was at the hospital providing some support to Hamish. Charisma told Felicia both Hamish and Trent were patients at the hospital and they had been scheduled for serious surgery: Trent for a kidney transplant and Hamish for a liver transplant. The surgery was scheduled to proceed in the next month.

Felicia and Charisma discussed whether there was any benefit in telling both Trent and Hamish they were patients at the same hospital. They decided not to tell them at that stage. However it was obvious that both women were saddened by the situations in which their Scooby Gang friends had found themselves.

Trent  - Kidney Transplant
When Trent was admitted to hospital to undergo his kidney transplant surgery, Charisma contacted Felicia and asked her whether she wanted to visit and support Trent. Charisma told Felicia she would be keeping a close watch on Trent and see how the surgery progressed.

“Can you let me know when the surgery is over and I will go and visit him?”, Felicia asked Charisma.

“Certainly”, Felicia replied.

Eighteen (18) hours later Charisma telephoned Felicia.

“I have some terrible news for you. Trent died during surgery earlier today. The liver transplant surgery for Hamish is scheduled for three (3) days time. I will leave it up to you at the moment as to whether you tell Hamish what happened with Trent.”

“That is terrible news about Trent, Charisma. I did not know him well, but he did not seem that bad. Tragic to die so young”, Felicia replied.

Charisma: “If you like, we can get together later and talk about it. We can talk about Hamish too. His condition is worse than Trent and his prospects were not said to be as good.”

Felicia: “Yes. I would like that. We can also talk about what, if anything, I tell Hamish about Trent.”

Charisma met Felicia at a café near her and they spent about two (2) hours talking about Trent, Hamish and old times.

Felicia said several times to Charisma, “I cannot decide whether to tell Hamish about Trent and I do not know how to tell him, even if I decide to tell him.”

Charisma did not pressure Felicia. She offered her support and tried to let her decide what she wanted to do.

Just before they left and went home Charisma said, “Felicia, I will do what I can to organise my schedule to be with you when Hamish is taken in to surgery.”

Hamish - Liver Transplant
Felicia saw Hamish the night before his surgery and told him about Trent. She could see the news was upsetting for him. Felicia tried to be positive with Hamish, but she could see it was all very difficult for him. She did not stay very long that evening and said she would be at the hospital the next day supporting him.

Not long after they arrived at the hospital for the surgery, Charisma greeted Hamish and Felicia and said she would do what she could to assist them. Hamish was surprised to see Charisma, but grateful and he thanked her for visiting and supporting him. Both women could see that Hamish was worried.

As the preparations for surgery for Hamish really got underway, Charisma could see the tears welling in the eyes of Felicia. It was something she had seen many times before in similar situations.

Charisma stood beside Felicia and hugged her as Hamish was taken into surgery.

A portable music player nearby was playing Boy George and Culture Club performing Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?

Saturday, 10 January 2015

A Time To Confess

After speaking with her relationship counsellor, May Huddersfield, and her solicitor, Siobhan Blanco, and agreeing to see a psychiatrist, so she can try to have a meaningful relationship with her children again, Arcadia Thiessen thought it was time she was candid with her parents about the life she had lead and the position in which she now found herself.

This Arcadia was almost unrecognisable from the Arcadia many had seen in recent times. She made a list of all the evidence of her infidelity that her estranged husband, Tabernacle Calderone, was likely to possess and she was going to reveal it all to her parents. When she completed the list Arcadia saw that it was imposing, perhaps even overwhelming.

The List

  • A bunch of flowers was sent to my home of whilst I was away on business.
  • The card attached to the flowers was ambiguous.
  • It read, “Thanks for a fantastic time. You really are amazing. I hope we can get together again the next time you are in town.”

  • I met O'Jones Delahunty at the gym and I had a sexual encounter with him just prior to going to Adelaide on business. He boasted about our sexual encounter and by the time I was on the plane returning to Melbourne from Adelaide, that boasting had reached Tabernacle. Tabernacle was not impressed. He told his lawyers of this infidelity. They finalised the divorce papers and filed them in the Court.

The divorce documents and the correspondence I have subsequently received from Tabernacle revealed that he had significant evidence of my infidelity.

  • The hotel records of where I had stayed on some of my business trips.
  • The room service bills from hotels in which I stayed on my business trips
  • The telephone records of my second mobile telephone
  • A profile of my Sydney boyfriend, Garlick Duckworth
  • At least eighteen (18) months prior to the separation I had been having an affair with Garlick Duckworth, a man from Sydney.
  • I travelled often with my work to see him and spoke with him most days by telephone.
  • We also sent lots of text messages to each other.
  • Video of me having a sexual encounter with my Melbourne boyfriend, Bonham Trudeaux
  • Six (6) intimate photographs of me
  • At least two (2) of the four (4) photographs of me naked were taken at my home.
  • In the two (2) photographs where I was performing oral sex, my wedding ring was clearly visible.
  • I instigated a series of abusive telephone calls, text messages and email to Calderone because I could not see the children. Calderone said he would suspend all contact until they stopped.
  • I went to pieces and caught a train out of town. After about a week away I returned home.
  • I contracted genital warts
  • I told the doctor treating me for the genital warts that I have had too many sex partners for me to know from whom I might have contracted them
  • Calderone telephoned me reminding me that I was supposed to ring the children for contact because I had not been doing so.
  • On the birthday of our son I was supposed to telephone him, but I did not do so. When Calderone telephoned me about it, he interrupted me having sex with Bonham Trudeaux

Having made the list, Arcadia realised she needed to have the conversation with her parents in person, but she did not have the strength to drive to the home of her parents to have the conversation. She decided to invite them to her house and reveal all to them there.

It was an awkward telephone call and it took Arcadia quite some time to prepare herself to make it. When she had summoned sufficient courage, the telephone call was brief.

“Hello, Mum. Can you and dad come over here please? I need to talk to you about my marriage, my divorce and me and I do not have the strength to drive to your home.”

“What is going on, Arcadia?” her mother replied.

Arcadia: “I would really rather wait until you both are here before I tell you any more.”

“OK. Your father and I will be at your house at 7:00 pm tonight”, her mother said and the conversation ended.

Arcadia had some uncomfortable time to fill in before her parents arrived. She tried sleeping, but that did not last very long. She watched some television, but could not focus on the show. She listened to some music, but could not find anything she liked. She starting reading some magazine articles, but could not remember anything she read. She went for a walk in a nearby park, but she did not want to engage with anybody. When Arcadia got home from her walk, she again tried to occupy herself, so as to not worry about the conversation she proposed to have with her parents. It was difficult for her and she did not feel like eating either. Several cups of tea were consumed and she managed to do the dishes before her parents arrived.

A Visit From Her Parents
Arcadian knew how difficult and painful the conversation would be, yet it was a relief to see her parents turn up at her house. It meant the waiting was over.

It was an awkward greeting with her parents and they remained unsure about what was going on when she asked them to sit in her lounge room whilst she told them what she had to tell them.

Arcadia remained standing when she started talking to her parents and she was pacing around her lounge room.

“Everything has gone horribly wrong for me and I am having real trouble coping with my new circumstances.”

Her parents remained quiet whilst she spoke and they listened attentively.

“You probably know Tabernacle has left me and he now lives in Cairns. He accepted a job at a catering company in Cairns and relocated there with the two (2) children. My only physical contact with the children now is during holiday periods. He has also formed a relationship with Friday Rauschenberg, who works for a florist and has no children of her own. Friday now lives with Tabernacle and our children.”

“Because I am not employed, I am finding it difficult to fund the necessary air travel between Melbourne and Cairns, which would enable me to have contact with the children. So at the moment contact consists of telephone calls, video calls, email and text messages.”

“Tabernacle left me because he thought I was unfaithful to him. It became common knowledge that every time I travelled for work I was unfaithful to Tabernacle. It also became common knowledge that for eighteen (18) months I abused my work travel entitlements conducting an affair with Garlick Duckworth from Sydney.”

“Tabernacle has been very organised in the divorce and he seems to have collated a lot of evidence about me. I have made a list of all the evidence of my infidelity that I believe Tabernacle was likely to possess and I am going to reveal it all to you. One of the reasons I am doing this is because recently I received a letter from Tabernacle, which relevantly said:

“I want you to consult a psychiatrist. I want to know what is going on with you. Your decline has been significant and you seem unstable. I think you need professional help. Unless and until I see a satisfactory psychiatric report on you, I will not make the children available to you for any contact whatsoever.”

“Since this has all occurred I have seen a relationship counsellor, May Huddersfield. She is helping me create a positive platform so that I can try to have a meaningful relationship with my children again. My solicitor, Siobhan Blanco, said if I give her something tangible with which to work, she can recommend a psychiatrist whom she believes will help me.”

Arcadia stopped walking around the lounge room and looked at her parents. She could see that they were surprised by what she had just told them.

“I realise this is probably shocking news for you. I am not telling you to upset you. Rather I am telling you because I believe you need to know what has been going on with me. I will go through the list of all the evidence of my infidelity that I believe Tabernacle was likely to possess in respect of me and explain what happened as best I can. You will then know what has happened.”

More than a little surprised, her father said to Arcadia, “We will try not to interrupt you.”

Arcadia then told her parents in detail the contents of her list. She could see much of it was painful for her parents to hear.

When she finished, Arcadia sat, exhausted in a lounge room chair and sobbed loudly for several minutes.

Her parents looked at each other and then at Arcadia. They were shocked to hear of her infidelity and promiscuity.

After Arcadia composed herself a little, she continued. This time whilst seated.

“My relationship counsellor, May Huddersfield said she and I need to talk about:

  • Why I thought it appropriate to be unfaithful to my husband with these men, especially as none of them were interested in forming a family with me and my children.
  • Why did my focus move from my children?
  • Why did I put my job at risk in acting this way?”

“I do not really have answers to those questions. I have missed the attention. I really enjoyed the attention all those men gave me. Hardly anyone pays me attention now and very little of that attention is positive or nice.”

“You are not getting much attention from your children and they are certainly not getting much attention from you. That is a pretty significant outcome from your behaviour, Arcadia”, her mother said.

“It seems for quite some time your children have not been getting the attention they deserve from you. You seem to have been focussed on all of these other men in your life. Tabernacle now has the children in Cairns and is apparently living happily with and his new girlfriend. That does not indicate a very rosy immediate future for you. Especially seeing as you have also managed to lose your job and destroy your work prospects in your field.”

“Working with your relationship counsellor and solicitor to create a positive platform, so that you can try to have a meaningful relationship with your children again, seems to be a sensible thing to do.”

“We would like to have a relationship with your children as well and your behaviour has made that relationship more difficult.”

Whilst this discussion was under way, Arcadia could see her father was shocked and stunned by what he had heard.

“We will help you, Arcadia. You are our daughter and we love you, but you have behaved very badly and you have done a lot of damage.”

“Your mother is correct Arcadia”, her father said, making his first real contribution to the conversation.

Her mother continued, “Talk to your solicitor about how we can help you. Perhaps we can all spend some time with your children together. We will also support you with your relationship counsellor and hopefully you will be in a better position when you see the psychiatrist that Tabernacle wants you to see.”

Her father added, “You will have to make a real effort, Arcadia, but your situation does not seem hopeless. You seem to have some good people available to provide good support and assistance for you. Perhaps you could also share more with us about what you are doing. It seems there have been so many things you have done that you may not have done if you considered the consequences of your actions.”

Arcadia was crying again and her mother went over to her and hugged her. Arcadia hugged her mother back and her crying increased. She held her mother tightly and through her tears said, “I have made such a mess.”

As her mother hugged her, Arcadia felt a warmth and affection she had not felt for a long time.

Her father could see the connection between the two of them. He said to Arcadia, “We will help you” and he walked over to them and hugged them both.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Dressed For Success

The First Time
Evangeline Urbane had crossed paths with Daniel Soames somewhat by surprise. She was in town again for business and she knew Daniel was keen to see her. He had told her so in many telephone conversations. The first time they were together was memorable in more ways than one. She gave away her attraction to Daniel and her intentions several times during dinner. When they finally adjourned to her hotel room, she was definitely the centre of his attention.

“I will make us a cup of tea” Evangeline said during a pause in proceedings.

“OK”, Daniel said happily.

Evangeline rose happily from the bed and walked over to the bench in her hotel room where the kettle and the cups and saucers had been placed. When she was making the tea Daniel sat up in bed and marvelled at the naked beauty before him.

Why did I not pay more attention the first time she made tea for us? She is gorgeous, he thought. Daniel had an uninterrupted rear view of Evangeline and he was enjoying every moment of it. Her tan lines were prominent enough to make clear she kept her bikini on at the beach and her bottom was covered, rather than bared in a thong. Of course, he thought, this radiant beauty should not be flaunted willy, nilly. Ms Forty Something had completely captivated Daniel. He remembered the underwear he had removed from Evangeline well over an hour earlier. Normally I would prefer women to wear G-string knickers, but hers covered considerably more of her bottom. Very sensible for business and very attractive on her, he thought.

In making them each a cup of tea whilst naked Evangeline had not only been practical, but had given Daniel a long-lasting fabulous experience with her. He told her so many times during their telephone calls.

It definitely enhanced their experience together when they had finished drinking their tea and they resumed their more personal interaction. Neither of them slept very much that evening and when it came time to leave, Daniel told Evangeline he was very keen to see her again.

In a subsequent telephone conversation shortly after that encounter, Evangeline told Daniel that she would do her best to ensure that whenever she saw him again, she would wear G-string knickers for him. No one had ever been that impressed with her bottom before and she was happy to accommodate his taste for and admiration of hers.

The Next Time
The next time had arrived for Evangeline and the arrangements she had made with Daniel to see him came together well. She told him the room number of the hotel in which she was staying and he could proceed straight to her room. She did not have to meet him in the foyer.
Daniel happily made his way to her hotel room and Evangeline promptly answered the door when Daniel knocked on it.

Once Daniel was inside her hotel room, Evangeline closed the door and secured it so they were unlikely to be interrupted. They embraced immediately and there was an extended introductory kiss. Daniel removed his jacket and put it over a chair. It gave him an opportunity to better see what Evangeline was wearing. A sensible white long-sleeved blouse that served her well in her corporate world was very attractive on her in her hotel room. The modest straight black skirt just touching her knees was also seemingly from her corporate wardrobe.

That was when the evening got very interesting. Daniel hugged and kissed Evangeline again and put his hands on her bottom whilst he was doing so. It was magnificent he thought. Evangeline seemed to be enjoying the attention her bottom was receiving. Soon Daniel turned Evangeline round so that her back was squarely to him and he gently took hold of the bottom of her skirt. He slowly lifted the sensible black work skirt until the bottom of Evangeline was completely uncovered.

What greeted Daniel was a delightful sight. Evangeline was true to her word and wore G-string knickers. It was one thing to feel her bottom through her skirt, it was another to see it bare in the flesh, he thought. He definitely liked what he saw. He could wait no longer, he put his hands on the beautiful bare bottom of Evangeline and it was even better than he thought it would be. Daniel was completely focussed upon Evangeline and her beautiful bare bottom. He caressed it with one hand, he caressed with both hands. It was a spectacular sight and an even better feeling. His arousal continued to grow, the more attention he paid to the bottom of Evangeline.

Daniel could see Evangeline was enjoying the attention also and her arousal was escalating. Her moaning was an obvious indicator of the delight she was experiencing. She was in no hurry to change positions and stop Daniel from paying attention to her bottom.

It was time for the skirt to come off, Daniel thought, and Evangeline seemed to agree, as she helped with its removal. As Daniel put her skirt over the back of a chair, Evangeline re-positioned herself by putting her hands on the table in the room and leaning forward so Daniel could continue paying attention to her beautiful bare bottom. He did so with great pleasure and started by kissing her cheeks. First one, then the other.

Evangeline was exhilarated by the feel of the lips of Daniel on the cheeks of her bottom. She moaned with delight. The feel of his breath just before his lips made contact was enough to increase her arousal. She was not moving, she wanted more of this attention. Her legs were responding to all the attention she was receiving by wobbling from time to time. Slightly, initially and then more obviously as the attention increased.

Daniel then started to stroke and caress her bare bottom again, whilst he was kissing it. Evangeline had all of his attention and they both loved it. He stood up and gently moved the long brunette hair of Evangeline, so that he could started kissing her neck. Firstly whilst caressing her bottom and then moving his hands to her torso and breasts. Evangeline moved her head slightly to the side so as to give Daniel better access to her neck.

After a couple of minutes Daniel slowly started undoing the buttons on the blouse of Evangeline and she did not stop him. With her blouse completely open Daniel stroked the breasts of Evangeline covered by a surprisingly sexy bra for what was a work outfit. Before long the bra was removed as well and Evangeline did not move from her position whilst Daniel put her blouse and bra over the same chair on which he put her skirt.

She happily looked over her shoulder as Daniel walked the short distance from the chair to Evangeline. Now completely naked, she was an exquisite sight, Daniel thought. Her smile made her look even more inviting.

Daniel started caressing her bottom again and Evangeline slumped forward a little on the table. Her knees were starting to have trouble supporting her. As he moved his attention to stroking her bare breasts Evangeline did not diminish her enjoyment. She caressed the hands of Daniel as they caressed her breasts. Daniel was pressed hard against Evangeline and she could feel the extent of his interest in her.

A very happy Evangeline said, “It is time for you to get naked” and she commenced undoing the trousers of Daniel. He did not resist and undid the buttons on his shirt. After Daniel put his shirt on a chair next to the chair where he put the clothes of Evangeline, he walked over to the bed and sat down to remove his boots and socks.

Evangeline turned to face him so that he had a clear front-on view of her. He was delighted with what he saw and she could tell. When he had removed his boots and socks, he put them beside the chair on which he put his shirt. He then removed his trousers and underwear and put them on the chair with his shirt.

 “That is better”, Evangeline said to Daniel, when she saw him completely naked. Evangeline could see the interest Daniel had for her. It was unmistakable.

Daniel walked over to Evangeline and kissed her for quite some time. He happily grabbed her beautiful bare bottom and pulled her closer to him. As he caressed her bottom she could feel his interest in her grow and it pleased her significantly.

He then stopped to change position and as he let go of Evangeline a little, she seemed to wobble slightly at the knees. Daniel took hold of her again and turned her around, so that her back was to him. He caressed her bare bottom for a little while and then moved his hands to her breasts. Whilst he caressed them he pulled her very close to him and she could feel his interest in her hard up against her bare bottom. She loved the attention she was getting and she stroked the hands of Daniel as they caressed her breasts.

The bed beckoned for them both and Daniel led Evangeline to it. He gently put her into the middle of the bed and commenced to kiss her navel. As he progressed up her torso towards her bare breasts Evangeline did not discourage any of the attention she was receiving from Daniel.

Coherent conversation was for another time.

Daniel said to Evangeline from time to time, “You are gorgeous, absolutely amazing”.

Her reply consisted of “Oh” and “Ah” from time to time and also “Keep doing what you are doing”.

The breasts of Evangeline occupied the attention of Daniel for some time and her enjoyment increased commensurate with that attention. His aim was to bring her to orgasm by kissing and licking her nipples. It seemed to be working. Her nipples were getting harder, her moaning louder and goose bumps were appearing. When Evangeline grabbed Daniel by the head and pressed it firmly to her left breast, he knew he should keep doing what he was doing.

About three (3) minutes later Evangeline let go of the head of Daniel and put her arms by her side. If the exclamation by Evangeline did not confirm what had just happened, her erect nipples and goose bumps did.

Evangeline then kissed Daniel again and their interaction became even more personal.

An hour and a half later they fell asleep, wrapped around each other.

The Next Morning
When they awoke the next morning they resumed their personal interaction for a while. The demands of their work schedules meant they had to adjourn for breakfast and the working day, but not before they enjoyed a very pleasant shower together.

As breakfast ended, they knew they had to attend to their work commitments.

Daniel said to Evangeline, “Please do whatever you can to organise your work schedule to visit again, you are exquisite.”

Evangeline said, “I will see what I can do” and kissed Daniel goodbye.

Two (2) Days Later
Daniel was still exhilarated by his encounter with Evangeline when he telephoned her two (2) days later and he told her so, several times.

“You are not the only one on a high, Daniel. I cannot believe how arousing it was when you greeted me and put your hands all over my bottom. That is absolutely the best place to start for me”, Evangeline replied

Daniel: “I have every intention of starting there again the next time I see you.”

Evangeline: “I can feel you slowly lifting my skirt and it is making me wet. I have to attend a meeting in twenty (20) minutes, so I should stop talking to you and try to focus on the meeting. Thank you for a fabulous time. I will ring you tomorrow.”

Daniel: “Thank you for a fabulous time too.”

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Stay a While

Jason Haldis, the hitman, knew his friend Hermione McEwen was a woman with an impressive reputation for being able to infiltrate an organisation and obtain important information without being detected. He had worked with her from time to time and she was always wonderfully reliable.

Hermione rang Jason and asked for them to have lunch together. It was something they had done many times before and of itself, it was not a controversial request. However Jason thought there was something a little unusual in the voice of Hermione when she made her request. Jason agreed to have lunch with her and wondered if there was any news she wanted to share with him.

The Sustenance Café
Twenty (20) minutes later they met at the Sustenance Café. Hermione appeared happy, but Jason could see something was troubling her. She waited until after their food arrived before she told Jason her concerns.

“My mother suffers from dementia and has done for several years. She is in a nursing home and receives good care. I visit her every Saturday. I read to her and where possible I talk with her. Recently her condition has deteriorated and it has become difficult for me to visit her alone. I was wondering if I could impose upon you to accompany me the next time I see her. The visit generally lasts about an hour. It is so sad to see my mother in that condition. I could use the support.”

Jason could see tears welling in the eyes of Hermione. He had never seen her like that before.

“Hermione, I never knew. Of course I will accompany you when you next visit your mother and I will spend as much time with you as you need. I will drive us there and back.”

“Thank you, Jason” Hermione replied.

Jason took her left hand in his hands and said to her, “It will be no trouble for me.”

After about fifteen (15) seconds Hermione removed her hand from the gentle grasp of Jason to wipe tears from her eyes.

Jason slowly withdrew his hands and put them on his lap.

“Do you read anything in particular to your mother?”, Jason asked.

Hermione: “Sometimes I read newspaper articles to her, sometimes magazine articles and sometimes I read parts of books to her. I am not sure if she understands what I say to her, but I hope it is useful in some way.”

Jason: “We shall do it together, Hermione.”

Hermione: “Thank you, Jason. I really appreciate it.”

Jason: “In fact, take your time this afternoon. I do not have to be anywhere. I can spend time with you now and I will turn off my mobile telephone so that it does not interrupt us.”

Jason then turned off his mobile telephone.

There were more tears from Hermione and through them she said, “It is as if my mother no longer exists; and I miss her so much. We used to have long conversations about everything. She knew what I did for a living. It did not bother her. She was supportive of me. Now even the most simple conversation seems impossible. It is heartbreaking and so unfair.”

Saturday 1
Saturday arrived and so did Jason at the house of Hermione. He knocked on her front door and when she greeted him, she could see that he was in good spirits.

“I am ready to go, Jason. I have got a bag of reading material, which should be more than enough for today. It is a short drive to the nursing home.”

Jason replied, “I will turn off my mobile telephone again, so we are not interrupted.”

Hermione: “I have already turned off mine.”

Hermione closed and locked her front door and she walked with Jason to his car.

The Nursing Home
When they arrived at the nursing home, Hermione introduced Jason to the staff who were assisting her mother. They seemed happy he accompanied Hermione.

Hermione then introduced Jason to her mother. Jason could see her mother recognised Hermione, but there was little or no recognition from her when he was introduced to her. That did not trouble Jason.

Hermione then began reading to her mother. It seemed to be going well for Hermione.

Jason saw two (2) other residents were playing Scrabble. He introduced himself to them and started playing Scrabble with them. He never really stopped watching Hermione. He could see the love for her mother in her eyes and he could hear it in her voice. Hermione wanted her mother to return from where dementia had taken her.

After a while Jason could see it was getting too much for Hermione, so he surrendered his Scrabble game and told Hermione he would gladly read to her mother.

“Thank you, Jason” she said.

“Mrs McEwan, With your help, today I am going to learn about patchwork quilt making. You be sure to tell me if I get any of this wrong.”

Jason then happily read to Mrs McEwan about patchwork quilt making. He had never previously gone near the topic, but that did not stop him. And from time to time he would interrupt his reading to ask Mrs McEwan questions.

“Are they doing it correctly in this article Mrs McEwan? Is this how you do it?”

Ms McEwan never answered Jason, but his presence and assistance made Hermione feel much better.

Perhaps in the future Hermione might discuss with Jason his foray into patchwork quilt making, but not today. Today she was very grateful for his support and assistance.

After about twenty (20) minutes of Jason reading to her mother, Hermione resumed the reading role and Jason was the supportive observer again.

The time visiting Mrs MacEwan passed relatively quickly and the hour Hermione had planned to spend with her mother had now passed. The goodbye was always difficult for Hermione and this occasion was no different.

After Hermione and Jason said goodbye to her mother, they walked to the car park together. Hermione had a firm grip on the left arm of Jason for the entire time. She was very grateful for his presence and support.

Jason Takes Hermione Home
When Jason took Hermione home from visiting her mother, he said to her, “Next Saturday we will all go to Sandgate. We can have fish and chips by the sea.”

Hermione: “Oh, Jason. Thank you. I am so grateful to you.”

Jason: “Absolutely no trouble, Hermione. If you ever want to talk to me about any of this, do not hesitate to contact me.”

Hermione hugged Jason. He kissed her left cheek and said to her, “I am going to go home now. Take care.”

Jason then walked to his car and drove home.

Saturday 2
It was Saturday again and again Jason arrived at the house of Hermione to take her to see her mother. Hermione greeted him in good spirits when he knocked on her front door.

Hats and sunscreen were the order of the day. Hermione told Jason neither of them were leaving her house until adequate sunscreen had been applied to them both. Jason knew better than to argue with Hermione on this topic. As Hermione was applying sunscreen to Jason, she said to him she had plenty with her, so that they could reapply it, if necessary, once they got to Sandgate.

Hermione then asked Jason to apply some sunscreen to her. He dutifully obeyed and said to her, “I have had worse tasks in my life”.

“When we get to Sandgate, you may get to put your hands on me again”, Hermione said to Jason with a smile.

At the cessation of sunscreen application duties, Hermione closed and locked her front door and she walked with Jason to his car.

Jason then drove Hermione to the nursing home, so they could take her mother to Sandgate.

When they got to the nursing home, the staff happily greeted both Hermione and Jason.

After greeting her mother, Hermione again introduced Jason to her.

She did not seem to recognise him, but that did not discourage him.

He greeted her with, “A change of scenery awaits you, Mrs McEwan. We are taking you to Sandgate, so you can have fish and chips by the sea.”

Hermione said to one of the staff members, “I think we have got everything we need. We plan to have my mother back here by 4:00 pm.  That should not interrupt your evening arrangements.”

The staff member replied, “That should be fine, Hermione. I hope you all enjoy your day out at Sandgate.”

Hermione held the arm of her mother as they walked with Jason to his car and she sat in the back seat with her mother as the three (3) of them travelled to Sandgate.

It was an uneventful drive to Sandgate. When they arrived Hermione again assumed her role as Officer-In-Charge of Applying Sunscreen. She started with her mother, then moved on to Jason. Both cooperated. Jason then returned the favour to Hermione.

Hermione held the arm of her mother as they walked along the Sandgate waterfront. Jason walked the other side of Ms McEwan. The tide was out and there was a lot of activity on the sand.

Mrs McEwan seemed to be rather interested in the young woman flying a kite. Hermione and Jason paused their walk for some time to watch the kite flying spectacle. They also encountered a beach soccer match, which seemed to entertain Mrs McEwan and a game of beach cricket, which she seemed to recognise.

A variety of people walked past Hermione, Jason and Mrs McEwan, some of them even said hello. However Hermione tried to keep conversation interaction between Mrs McEwan and the public to a minimum. She told Jason she thought that would be the least stressful approach. Jason accepted her assessment of the situation and assisted, where he could.

Hermione spotted a vacant sheltered bench across the road from a Fish and Chips shop. It also had an impressive view of the waterfront. Hermione and her mother sat there whilst Jason assumed the responsibility for ordering and purchasing their food.

It was an uneventful experience for Jason and he returned about twenty-five (25) minutes later with more than enough food and drink for them all.

Hermione monitored Mrs McEwan closely as she ate her food. Fortunately the meal of Mrs McEwan proceeded without controversy. Jason and Hermione both enjoyed their meals and Jason remarked favourably about his two (2) or three (3) times.

Both Jason and Hermione talked to Mrs McEwan as they ate their meals, even though she did not seem to understand what was being said to her.

When they had completed their meals, the three (3) of them walked slowly back to the car of Jason. Along the way the beach soccer and cricket matches continued to entertain Mrs McEwan.

The Nursing Home
Jason then drove them back to the nursing home and they were greeted by a happy staff member shortly before 4:00 pm.

For Hermione saying goodbye to her mother was not as difficult on that occasion as it was the preceding Saturday.

Once Hermione and Jason had said goodbye to her mother, one of the staff members took Mrs MacEwan and happily said to her, “You will have a lot to tell your friends over dinner this evening. I am sure they would love to hear all about your trip to Sandgate with your daughter and her friend.”

Before Hermione and Jason left several nursing home staff thanked them.

Jason said, “It was no trouble.”

Jason Takes Hermione Home
Jason then walked to the car park with Hermione and drove her to her house.

Along the way Hermione said to Jason, “Thank you for everything you have done today. I really appreciate. It seems the staff at the nursing home are impressed with our efforts.”

Jason replied to Hermione, “I did not do it for a fuss to be made of me. I did it because you are my friend.”

When they arrived at her house, Jason walked Hermione to her front door and she asked him to come in for a cup of tea. He accepted. He could see her spirits had lifted from when they had lunch together at The Sustenance Café and Hermione told Jason for the first time that her mother was suffering from dementia.

Hermione made them both tea and they chatted about the adventure to Sandgate with her mother. She was clearly happy about what they had done.

Hermione said to Jason, “I do not need you to come along every time I see my mother, but I am very glad you came when you did. I think today was good for both my mother and me.”

Jason could see Hermione was happy. It was a pleasant sight for him.

He told Hermione, “I will happily go with you to visit your mother, if you feel you need support. It will be no trouble. You can also ring me at any time and chat. I do not mind.”

“Thank you, Jason. I am very grateful to you.”

They then talked happily about other topics for an hour or so and then Jason went home.

When he got home Jason put his mobile telephone on the kitchen table. He did not turn it on again until the following morning.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Ash Gun To Ashes

Demonstration For The Minister For The Interior
Upon the Minister For The Interior arriving at the testing facility, the demonstrations started almost immediately. Spaced about ten (10) metres apart from each other were the carcasses of a rabbit, a sheep and a cow.  The first demonstration involved the rabbit. The Ash Gun Demonstration Officer aimed the Ash Gun at the rabbit, it emitted what appeared to be a laser beam at the rabbit and almost immediately the rabbit was reduced to ashes.

The Minister was impressed, but he had little time to dwell on the moment because almost immediately the second demonstration commenced. This time it involved the sheep.  Once again the Ash Gun was aimed at the target, the sheep, and after it emitted what appeared to be a laser beam at the sheep, almost immediately the sheep was reduced to ashes.

Everyone present was impressed with what they saw, but there was also significant discussion about whether the Ash Gun would be able to handle the significant increase in volume that the cow carcass presented.

The Ash Gun Demonstration Officer then said, “Well, let us find out, shall we?”

He then aimed the Ash Gun at the cow carcass and, as it had done on the two previous occasions, it emitted what appeared to be a laser beam at the cow carcass, reducing it to ashes almost immediately.

Everyone in the room was impressed, including and perhaps most importantly, the Minister For The Interior.

Demonstration For Cabinet
The Minister For The Interior immediately informed the Prime Minister and arrangements were promptly made for a subsequent demonstration to take place before the entire Cabinet.

The Prime Minister addressed the Cabinet, “The reason you are all at this location is that the country has reached a critical stage. There are too many people to be adequately housed and fed by the available resources. Drastic population control measures have to be taken immediately to ensure a catastrophic loss of life does not occur within the next decade. In that regard I gave the Minister For The Interior a task to oversee the development of some new technology. He has told me that testing of the new technology has proven to be successful and a demonstration of it will occur today.”

The Ash Gun Demonstration Officer then appeared and repeated for the entire Cabinet the three (3) part demonstration that the Minister For The Interior witnessed the previous day.

After the completion of the demonstration, there was general discussion by the Cabinet about how impressive and effective they considered the Ash Gun to be. The only objection came from the Minister For Industry.

He said it was, “a barbaric device, that was rife for being misused”.

Upon hearing his objection, the Prime Minister looked at the Minister For The Interior and nodded to him. The Minister For The Interior then looked at the Ash Gun Demonstration Officer and nodded to him. Immediately the Ash Gun Demonstration Officer aimed the Ash Gun at the Minister For Industry, it emitted what appeared to be a laser been at him and reduced him to ashes almost immediately.

Silence gripped the room.

The Prime Minister then asked, “Are there any other objections?”

As one the room responded, “No, Prime Minister”.

The Prime Minister then addressed the Ash Gun Demonstration Officer, “Thank you. You may now leave”.

He did so immediately, without saying a word.

The Prime Minister then addressed the Cabinet further.

“Recruitment will commence immediately for the Ash Gun Strike Force, who will be trained to go out into the community and use this equipment as necessary. The Ash Gun Strike Force will operate under the guidance of the Minister For The Interior. A Control Centre will be established to coordinate the Strike Force and a Call Centre will be established to enable community members to report incidents they feel are relevant. All Ash Guns will have a built in GPS feature enabling the location of the Ash Gun to be tracked by the Control Centre. There will also be Cleanup Crews available to cleanup the residue, where necessary.”

“Now that you have been apprised of these developments, this Cabinet meeting can end and I will keep your informed, as circumstances require it.”

The Ash Gun Strike Force
Caitlin Covington and Emilia Zorn were two (2) of two thousand (2,000) recruits who had completed their two-week Ash Gun Strike Force training. They got along and were happy to be partnered with each other as they went into the community as members of the Ash Gun Strike Force. They knew they were primarily to work together, however if the circumstances required, they were authorised to work alone.

Lunchtime Entertainment
At the end of their first month as Strike Force members Caitlin Covington and Emilia Zorn had lunch together at SoHo Brasserie and Café in the City.

After they had been there for about twenty (20) minutes and about five (5) minutes after their meals had arrived, there was a little excitement at the café. Attention focussed on two (2) middle-aged men; one more casually dressed than the other. The Man In The Suit was seemingly on the receiving end of a dressing down from the More Casually Dressed Man.

Ultimately the More Casually Dressed Man produced a handgun and shot the Man In The Suit in the chest. It was a shot that subsequently prove fatal. After he had done so, the More Casually Dressed Man reached into the plastic bag he was carrying and pulled out a sign, which he placed around the neck of the Man In The Suit. The sign read "Liar".

Once those around those two (2) men saw that “Liar” sign, their interest in the two (2) men largely dissipated and they returned to their own affairs.

Not content with leaving the matter there, the More Casually Dressed Man again reached into his bag and produced another sign, which he in turn hung around the neck of the now deceased man wearing a suit. That sign read "Solicitor". After people at the café noticed that sign, they took absolutely no interest in the now deceased man and no adverse comment was made in respect of the More Casually Dressed Man.

The More Casually Dressed Man then proceeded to finish his meal and about fifteen (15) minutes later, he left the café.

Whilst continuing their meals, out of uniform Caitlin and Emilia watched the proceedings with great interest.

As the More Casually Dressed Man left the café, Caitlin said to Emilia, "Eating here never ceases to be entertaining.”

Emilia replied, “Today we even had a floor show.”

Caitlin: “Yes. Kind of them to do our work for us."

Emilia: "Whilst we finish our meals."

Caitlin: “Monday morning it is back in uniform and back on the job. But until then, I am happy to enjoy some down time.”

Emilia: “Indeed.”

With that they exchanged kisses, parted company and went on their way.

An Eventful Walk In The Park For Emilia
After her lunch with Caitlin, Emilia went for a walk through Gardens Park in the City. She had her Ash Gun with her and knew its location was being tracked by the Control Centre through the built-in GPS feature.

Emilia heard a commotion being made and walked over to see what was going on. A group of about seven (7) teenage girls were picking on and assaulting another teenage girl. The victim was clearly outnumbered and completely unable to defend herself.

Emilia took her Ash Gun out of her handbag and wasted no time using it on all seven (7) of the teenage girls who were assaulting the victim. It all happened so quickly the victim appeared stunned by the events.

Within ten (10) minutes a Cleanup Crew had arrived and Emilia had arranged for an ambulance to attend and treat the victim for her injuries.

Once everything was under control, Emilia continued with her walk in Gardens Park for another hour and then she went home.

Danny’s All-Star Joint
One Saturday in April Joost Englebrecht was running errands in his neighbourhood and he decided to buy a cup of tea. He called in to a cafeteria nearby, Danny’s All-Star Joint, placed his order and sat down at a vacant table.

There were three (3) other patrons in attendance, a man in his early 40s, sitting alone and a retired couple.

Shortly after his tea had been brought out Joost noticed that the other male patron, Mr Forty Something, was drinking his drink and reading the newspaper. His solace was interrupted by a new patron who sat himself down at the table of Mr Forty Something and commenced to impose himself upon the situation. Mr Forty Something was clearly unimpressed with the interloper, but Mr Interloper was seemingly not discouraged. He persisted with his annoying behaviour. Unbeknown to Mr Interloper, Mr Forty Something was a member of the Ash Gun Strike Force.

After about ten (10) minutes of this exchange Mr Forty Something quietly, but sternly, said to Mr Interloper “One of the relevant considerations to which you appear to have paid insufficient attention prior to attending and imposing yourself upon me, is the fact that I might be a psychopath.  Welcome to the flaw in your thinking.”

Mr Interloper seemed perplexed by those remarks, but not sufficiently perplexed to desist in his obvious annoying of Mr Forty Something.

Mr Forty Something took another sip of his drink, reached down into the bag which was on the floor to the right of his chair, removed what appeared to be a handgun with a silencer attached and without flinching, proceeded to shoot a laser beam at Mr Interloper.

Mr Interloper immediately turned to dust and formed a neat pile on the floor beside the table at which Mr Forty Something sat.  Mr Forty Something then returned the firearm to the bag on the floor beside him, finished his drink, neatly folded up the newspaper and returned it to the stand from which he obtained it.

As he got back to his table, a waitress had attended his table with a dustpan and broom.

When Mr Forty Something saw the waitress, he walked over to her.

Politely and calmly Mr Forty Something said to the waitress, “I will do that.  It is my mess, I will clean it up.  It is no trouble.”

He then took the dustpan and broom and proceeded to sweep up the pile of dust that was formerly Mr Interloper.

The waitress smiled and said “Thank you”.

When Mr Forty Something had put all of the dust into the dust pan, he walked outside and carefully poured the dust into a garbage bin on the footpath.  He then re-entered the cafeteria and returned the dustpan and broom to the waitress, who had remained standing by his table.  She was a little captivated by this seemingly calm, gentle, considerate man.  He then thanked her, gave her a modest tip and calmly walked out of the cafeteria.

Joost saw all that went on that morning, but knew better than to get involved. No one else in the cafeteria seemed to remark adversely about the behaviour of Mr Forty Something.