Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Dressed For Success

The First Time
Evangeline Urbane had crossed paths with Daniel Soames somewhat by surprise. She was in town again for business and she knew Daniel was keen to see her. He had told her so in many telephone conversations. The first time they were together was memorable in more ways than one. She gave away her attraction to Daniel and her intentions several times during dinner. When they finally adjourned to her hotel room, she was definitely the centre of his attention.

“I will make us a cup of tea” Evangeline said during a pause in proceedings.

“OK”, Daniel said happily.

Evangeline rose happily from the bed and walked over to the bench in her hotel room where the kettle and the cups and saucers had been placed. When she was making the tea Daniel sat up in bed and marvelled at the naked beauty before him.

Why did I not pay more attention the first time she made tea for us? She is gorgeous, he thought. Daniel had an uninterrupted rear view of Evangeline and he was enjoying every moment of it. Her tan lines were prominent enough to make clear she kept her bikini on at the beach and her bottom was covered, rather than bared in a thong. Of course, he thought, this radiant beauty should not be flaunted willy, nilly. Ms Forty Something had completely captivated Daniel. He remembered the underwear he had removed from Evangeline well over an hour earlier. Normally I would prefer women to wear G-string knickers, but hers covered considerably more of her bottom. Very sensible for business and very attractive on her, he thought.

In making them each a cup of tea whilst naked Evangeline had not only been practical, but had given Daniel a long-lasting fabulous experience with her. He told her so many times during their telephone calls.

It definitely enhanced their experience together when they had finished drinking their tea and they resumed their more personal interaction. Neither of them slept very much that evening and when it came time to leave, Daniel told Evangeline he was very keen to see her again.

In a subsequent telephone conversation shortly after that encounter, Evangeline told Daniel that she would do her best to ensure that whenever she saw him again, she would wear G-string knickers for him. No one had ever been that impressed with her bottom before and she was happy to accommodate his taste for and admiration of hers.

The Next Time
The next time had arrived for Evangeline and the arrangements she had made with Daniel to see him came together well. She told him the room number of the hotel in which she was staying and he could proceed straight to her room. She did not have to meet him in the foyer.
Daniel happily made his way to her hotel room and Evangeline promptly answered the door when Daniel knocked on it.

Once Daniel was inside her hotel room, Evangeline closed the door and secured it so they were unlikely to be interrupted. They embraced immediately and there was an extended introductory kiss. Daniel removed his jacket and put it over a chair. It gave him an opportunity to better see what Evangeline was wearing. A sensible white long-sleeved blouse that served her well in her corporate world was very attractive on her in her hotel room. The modest straight black skirt just touching her knees was also seemingly from her corporate wardrobe.

That was when the evening got very interesting. Daniel hugged and kissed Evangeline again and put his hands on her bottom whilst he was doing so. It was magnificent he thought. Evangeline seemed to be enjoying the attention her bottom was receiving. Soon Daniel turned Evangeline round so that her back was squarely to him and he gently took hold of the bottom of her skirt. He slowly lifted the sensible black work skirt until the bottom of Evangeline was completely uncovered.

What greeted Daniel was a delightful sight. Evangeline was true to her word and wore G-string knickers. It was one thing to feel her bottom through her skirt, it was another to see it bare in the flesh, he thought. He definitely liked what he saw. He could wait no longer, he put his hands on the beautiful bare bottom of Evangeline and it was even better than he thought it would be. Daniel was completely focussed upon Evangeline and her beautiful bare bottom. He caressed it with one hand, he caressed with both hands. It was a spectacular sight and an even better feeling. His arousal continued to grow, the more attention he paid to the bottom of Evangeline.

Daniel could see Evangeline was enjoying the attention also and her arousal was escalating. Her moaning was an obvious indicator of the delight she was experiencing. She was in no hurry to change positions and stop Daniel from paying attention to her bottom.

It was time for the skirt to come off, Daniel thought, and Evangeline seemed to agree, as she helped with its removal. As Daniel put her skirt over the back of a chair, Evangeline re-positioned herself by putting her hands on the table in the room and leaning forward so Daniel could continue paying attention to her beautiful bare bottom. He did so with great pleasure and started by kissing her cheeks. First one, then the other.

Evangeline was exhilarated by the feel of the lips of Daniel on the cheeks of her bottom. She moaned with delight. The feel of his breath just before his lips made contact was enough to increase her arousal. She was not moving, she wanted more of this attention. Her legs were responding to all the attention she was receiving by wobbling from time to time. Slightly, initially and then more obviously as the attention increased.

Daniel then started to stroke and caress her bare bottom again, whilst he was kissing it. Evangeline had all of his attention and they both loved it. He stood up and gently moved the long brunette hair of Evangeline, so that he could started kissing her neck. Firstly whilst caressing her bottom and then moving his hands to her torso and breasts. Evangeline moved her head slightly to the side so as to give Daniel better access to her neck.

After a couple of minutes Daniel slowly started undoing the buttons on the blouse of Evangeline and she did not stop him. With her blouse completely open Daniel stroked the breasts of Evangeline covered by a surprisingly sexy bra for what was a work outfit. Before long the bra was removed as well and Evangeline did not move from her position whilst Daniel put her blouse and bra over the same chair on which he put her skirt.

She happily looked over her shoulder as Daniel walked the short distance from the chair to Evangeline. Now completely naked, she was an exquisite sight, Daniel thought. Her smile made her look even more inviting.

Daniel started caressing her bottom again and Evangeline slumped forward a little on the table. Her knees were starting to have trouble supporting her. As he moved his attention to stroking her bare breasts Evangeline did not diminish her enjoyment. She caressed the hands of Daniel as they caressed her breasts. Daniel was pressed hard against Evangeline and she could feel the extent of his interest in her.

A very happy Evangeline said, “It is time for you to get naked” and she commenced undoing the trousers of Daniel. He did not resist and undid the buttons on his shirt. After Daniel put his shirt on a chair next to the chair where he put the clothes of Evangeline, he walked over to the bed and sat down to remove his boots and socks.

Evangeline turned to face him so that he had a clear front-on view of her. He was delighted with what he saw and she could tell. When he had removed his boots and socks, he put them beside the chair on which he put his shirt. He then removed his trousers and underwear and put them on the chair with his shirt.

 “That is better”, Evangeline said to Daniel, when she saw him completely naked. Evangeline could see the interest Daniel had for her. It was unmistakable.

Daniel walked over to Evangeline and kissed her for quite some time. He happily grabbed her beautiful bare bottom and pulled her closer to him. As he caressed her bottom she could feel his interest in her grow and it pleased her significantly.

He then stopped to change position and as he let go of Evangeline a little, she seemed to wobble slightly at the knees. Daniel took hold of her again and turned her around, so that her back was to him. He caressed her bare bottom for a little while and then moved his hands to her breasts. Whilst he caressed them he pulled her very close to him and she could feel his interest in her hard up against her bare bottom. She loved the attention she was getting and she stroked the hands of Daniel as they caressed her breasts.

The bed beckoned for them both and Daniel led Evangeline to it. He gently put her into the middle of the bed and commenced to kiss her navel. As he progressed up her torso towards her bare breasts Evangeline did not discourage any of the attention she was receiving from Daniel.

Coherent conversation was for another time.

Daniel said to Evangeline from time to time, “You are gorgeous, absolutely amazing”.

Her reply consisted of “Oh” and “Ah” from time to time and also “Keep doing what you are doing”.

The breasts of Evangeline occupied the attention of Daniel for some time and her enjoyment increased commensurate with that attention. His aim was to bring her to orgasm by kissing and licking her nipples. It seemed to be working. Her nipples were getting harder, her moaning louder and goose bumps were appearing. When Evangeline grabbed Daniel by the head and pressed it firmly to her left breast, he knew he should keep doing what he was doing.

About three (3) minutes later Evangeline let go of the head of Daniel and put her arms by her side. If the exclamation by Evangeline did not confirm what had just happened, her erect nipples and goose bumps did.

Evangeline then kissed Daniel again and their interaction became even more personal.

An hour and a half later they fell asleep, wrapped around each other.

The Next Morning
When they awoke the next morning they resumed their personal interaction for a while. The demands of their work schedules meant they had to adjourn for breakfast and the working day, but not before they enjoyed a very pleasant shower together.

As breakfast ended, they knew they had to attend to their work commitments.

Daniel said to Evangeline, “Please do whatever you can to organise your work schedule to visit again, you are exquisite.”

Evangeline said, “I will see what I can do” and kissed Daniel goodbye.

Two (2) Days Later
Daniel was still exhilarated by his encounter with Evangeline when he telephoned her two (2) days later and he told her so, several times.

“You are not the only one on a high, Daniel. I cannot believe how arousing it was when you greeted me and put your hands all over my bottom. That is absolutely the best place to start for me”, Evangeline replied

Daniel: “I have every intention of starting there again the next time I see you.”

Evangeline: “I can feel you slowly lifting my skirt and it is making me wet. I have to attend a meeting in twenty (20) minutes, so I should stop talking to you and try to focus on the meeting. Thank you for a fabulous time. I will ring you tomorrow.”

Daniel: “Thank you for a fabulous time too.”