Friday, 15 January 2016

Shaking All Over

Daniel sat in his office waiting for Evangeline Urbane to arrive. She said she was in her hotel room, she would have a shower and then walk to his Chambers. He wondered if she had fallen asleep. Her visit to Brisbane was fleeting and primarily business focussed, but it did not mean they could not see each other. She had worked hard. Perhaps she had laid down on the bed and fallen asleep. Daniel sent Evangeline a couple of text messages, without reply. He rang her telephone and only got voice mail. The sleep option appeared to be a compelling conclusion.

When a knock came on his Chambers door all those thoughts were abandoned. Standing in his doorway was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, Evangeline Urbane. Time stood still and not for the first time with them.

He said “Hello”.

Evangeline might have said hello in reply, but Daniel could not remember. She seemed to be shaking. He hugged her and walked into his Chambers. He told her it was good to see her and little more was said for the next few minutes. He simply held her until her shaking dissipated.

As she regained a little more of her composure, he took her bag and put it on his desk. Daniel continued to hold Evangeline and the only thing she had in her hands was him. After a little more of that embrace he released her and proceeded to kneel down in front of her. Daniel took her modest but still reasonably short skirt and began to raise it. She did not complain. He raised the skirt until her panties were well visible and he began to kiss them. Not a word was said by Evangeline and she was clearly enjoying what Daniel was doing. He began to fondle her buttocks, but this in no way distracted him from the kissing attention he was giving her. After about three (3) or four (4) minutes he lowered her panties. He was now fondling her bare buttocks and happily kissing her naked beauty.

A minute passed, then two, then three, then four. His attention to Evangeline was unrelenting. Daniel could tell he was having an effect on her because her knees started to buckle. She was having trouble standing.

A lull in the proceedings occurred when he stopped seemingly to breathe. Evangeline was able to regain her composure a little and she then suggested that they adjourn to her hotel room. Daniel said that was a good idea and the next few minutes were spent recovering their equilibrium so they could make it to her hotel room.

About ten (10) minutes later they were in her hotel room and Daniel again lifted her skirt and started kissing Evangeline. Happily she was now standing at the end of the bed, so there was some support for her knees, as they could no longer stand the attention she was getting. Before long her panties were again removed and her naked beauty was being enjoyed completely.

Daniel also removed her skirt and placed Evangeline gently on the bed.  It was time for her navel to enjoy some attention. Whilst doing so he undid the buttons on her blouse. He kissed her all around her navel area and also managed to assist her taking off her top. As the top hit the floor his left hand undid the snap on her bra in one motion. The bra then joined the blouse on the floor.

Her breasts were now exposed and Daniel moved his attention to them. He kissed the breasts and in particular the nipples gently. As her body enjoyed more attention Daniel continued to kiss her nipples and they became erect.

After spending some time on her breasts Daniel returned to the navel of Evangeline. He also started stroking her legs. Her expressions of pleasure became more frequent.  As he again started kissing where her panties had been Evangeline let out rather loud yell and grabbed his head in both hands, placing it precisely where she wanted. Apparently he was not finished. With some delight Daniel acceded to her request. He then placed his hands on her bare bottom and continue paying her close personal attention.

Evangeline then started gripping his head more tightly and pulling him closer to her. Shortly thereafter she grabbed his head and moved it away from her. She then rolled over on to her side and then her stomach. She appeared exhausted

Daniel then started to gently stroke her bare bottom. Before long he was kissing her bottom. Evangeline then gently stroked his head. She turned around, looked over her shoulder and said to him “Are we doing this again? Good.”

As Daniel continued to kiss her bottom, Evangeline was torn between staying where she was and enjoying the attention and looking over her shoulder and watching Daniel pay her attention. It was a tough decision for her. She decided to stay on her stomach and enjoy the attention.

Evangeline thought, this is having the desired effect, my arousal is increasing. After a couple of minutes Evangeline gently indicated to Daniel to stop kissing her bare bottom. She moved Daniel so that they were facing each other and she started kissing him. She pulled Daniel close to her and he could feel her erect nipples pressed against his chest.

Not content with just kissing Daniel, Evangeline started grinding her crotch with Daniel. She could feel his arousal increasing and it was making her more aroused. Evangeline continued to kiss and grind Daniel. She liked that Daniel was allowing her to control the proceedings and enjoy the experience.

After about five (5) minutes Evangeline could feel she was wet. She stopped kissing Daniel and whispered in his ear, “I want you inside me”.

Daniel then watched Evangeline release him from her clutch and position herself on the bed.

As Daniel began to enter Evangeline he could see the smile on her face increase. Evangeline then grabbed Daniel and made the penetration deeper. She was gripping Daniel tightly and he could see her arousal was increasing. Daniel could both see and feel the erect nipples of Evangeline as she was guiding their interaction. Evangeline then grabbed Daniel and pulled him towards her. She held him tight. He knew this was not the time to move. Her grip remained tight and goose bumps covered her body.

The goose bumps remained as Evangeline loosened her grip on Daniel. She was happy.

Evangeline then said, “I suppose we should go to dinner. Then we can come back here and do this again.”

Daniel replied, “I am happy with those arrangements.”

Over dinner they discussed what they might do the following day.

Daniel: “Seeing as you do not have to work tomorrow and your flight home is not until late in the afternoon, we could go to the Gallery of Modern Art or GOMA, as it is often called, after you check out of the hotel. You have said previously it was something you wanted to do. We seem to have time to do it tomorrow."

Evangeline was a little surprised by the suggestion and pleasantly so. She thought about it and said, “Yes, I would like that.”

When dinner was completed they returned to the hotel room of Evangeline and their personal interaction was pleasantly inspired by the GOMA visit suggestion.

Evangeline said to Daniel, “I want to be on top. Just lay down and let me take care of things.”

Daniel said with a smile, “It works for me.”

Almost immediately Evangeline had put Daniel inside her and was grinding with pleasure. Her erect nipples were a giveaway; she was enjoying herself. Daniel could feel his enjoyment rising too. Much faster than he had anticipated. He tried to delay the moment and was successful for a short while. But Evangeline was compelling and she completed his arousal soon after.

Daniel was far from spent, he wanted more of Evangeline and she knew it.  They knew they had the rest of the evening to themselves and no work commitments in the morning. They delighted in the company of each other for some considerable time before sleep demands ended proceedings.

Daniel thought even sleeping with Evangeline was wonderful. He could wrap himself around her and they could fall asleep together. Evangeline knew it and she encouraged it.

Waking up beside Evangeline was an exquisite experience, Daniel thought, as he slowly roused from a very sound and refreshing sleep. He was just about to put his arms around her and cuddle her, when she also awoke. Evangeline pushed aside her long brunette hair from her face and kissed Daniel. She interrupted the kiss to say “Good morning” with a big smile on her face and then she resumed kissing him.

Daniel revelled in the touch of her gorgeous naked body and her could feel her nipples were again erect. Evangeline was clearly happy and her kisses progressed to other parts of his body. When Evangeline was clearly in no position to speak Daniel realised they would not be thinking about breakfast for some time.

Evangeline said to Daniel, “I think you are ready, time to spoon me.”
Almost immediately Daniel was inside Evangeline and also caressing her breasts.

Daniel said, “Do you know what your name is?”

Evangeline said, looking over her shoulder: “Yes”

Daniel: “Do you know where you are?”

Evangeline: “Yes. Hopefully in a few minutes the answer to those questions will be ‘I am not sure’. It has happened before with you and I loved it.”

Their interaction then got more rigorous and conversation was not necessary.

Evangeline gripped Daniel as goose bumps covered her naked body.

“Do not stop”, she said and Daniel acceded to her request.

Evangeline let out a gasp and released her grip on Daniel. She was very happy.

Evangeline then said to Daniel with a smile, “I want you to finish too.”

Daniel replied, “Turn on to your stomach.”

Before Evangeline finished saying “You know that is my favourite” Daniel had entered her.

He whispered into her ear, “You are exceptional”.

Evangeline could feel Daniel getting harder inside her and her arousal was increasing too. She knew the moment was close for Daniel and then she felt him explode inside her. Almost immediately it triggered a similar reaction in her.

They then embraced for several minutes before Evangeline said, “Have a shower with me and then we can go to breakfast”.

Daniel replied, “With pleasure.”

When they finally made it to breakfast, they discussed the logistics of the visit to GOMA.

After their GOMA visit Evangeline had to go to the airport to catch her plane home. Shortly before they left GOMA Daniel said to Evangeline that they still had some time before Evangeline had to leave. He suggested they both detour to his house on the way to the airport. Evangeline agreed.

They barely got in the door at Daniel’s house before afternoon delight commenced. When they finally made it to his bed, a naked Evangeline said, “Seeing as we are here, we might as well do my favourite.”

Daniel: “Very happy to oblige.”

Evangeline then lay on her stomach and said to Daniel, “I want to look over my shoulder and watch you enter me. Which is precisely what is happening.”

Their interaction then became intense.

Daniel: “I never expected to be doing this here.”

Evangeline: “Neither did I.”
Conversation was not a primary consideration for Evangeline by that stage.

Goose bumps returned to Evangeline.

After a little while Daniel said to Evangeline, “Do you know your name?”

Evangeline: “Barely and I have no idea where I am.”

Evangeline continued: “This has been a very enjoyable afternoon. In fact it has been a very enjoyable visit.”

Daniel: “Sadly your taxi will be here shortly and this visit will have to end.”

When the taxi arrived to take Evangeline to the airport she was ready. After she put her luggage in the boot of the taxi Evangeline gave Daniel a very passionate and public kiss goodbye. She was delighted that his interest in her grew as she did so.  It was another pleasant feeling and memory as she drove off in the taxi.