Sunday, 13 July 2014

Careless Whispers

Sunday afternoon band practice happened as normal at the house of Arcadia Thiessen and Tabernacle Calderone in Melbourne. A short tour to Adelaide was planned for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of that week and the band were putting finishing touches to the set list they proposed to play during that tour. Guitarist and band leader Tabernacle Calderone was making sure the other two band members did what he wanted. He was particularly harsh on the drummer, Stiles Parsons.

Whilst band practice was in progress Arcadia Thiessen was on the telephone to Daisy Farthing who was reminding her that on Tuesday night they were scheduled to go to the Art Gallery opening of their friend and gallery owner Germaine Greyling. Arcadia said she had organised a babysitter for the evening for her two children and was looking forward to catching up with Germaine and her.

As far as their children were concerned, this looked like a normal Sunday.  The children knew how to entertain themselves without interrupting the band or their mother.

During a break in practice Stiles Parsons talked to Arcadia. She told him once again Tabernacle Calderone was making her life very difficult. Stiles had always had a crush on Arcadia, but she never allowed anything to happen in respect of it. Many times during conversations with Stiles Arcadia had remarked about Tabernacle having affairs with other women. Arcadia always maintained that she had never had any affairs.

Band practice resumed and continued without incident for about another hour. Then Stiles and the bass player packed up their gear and went home.

Tuesday evening arrived and so did the babysitter to look after the two children while Arcadia went to the Art Gallery opening with Daisy Farthing and Germaine Greyling. Tabernacle Calderone and his band had already left for their tour to Adelaide.

Immediately upon arriving at the Art Gallery Arcadia saw Daisy and Germaine and walked over to them. The three women were chatting to each other for about ten (10) minutes when an artist Germaine knew, Wilbur Runkle, came over to them and said hello to Germaine. In turn Germaine introduced Wilbur Runkle to Arcadia and Daisy. It was obvious that he took an instant liking to Arcadia. As she talked and gestured from time to time during the conversation the wedding ring of Arcadia was unmistakable.

Germaine left Arcadia and Daisy to meet and mingle with other guests at the gallery. Wilbur Runkle also mingled with other gallery guests, but his attention was never really far away from Arcadia. Daisy and Arcadia wandered round the gallery together looking at the art and occasionally talking to other guests.

About an hour later Arcadia, Daisy and Germaine met up again and started talking amongst themselves. Wilbur Runkle walked over to them and joined in the conversation. He stood beside Arcadia and made his interest in her obvious. She did nothing to discourage his interest. Daisy and Germaine could see what was going on, so they talked to each other, rather than involve Arcadia and Wilbur. Wilbur was not wasting any time with Arcadia and he put his hand on her bottom as her spoke to her. Arcadia was very happy with the attention she was receiving and was not at all troubled by the fact that other guests at the gallery could see that Wilbur had his had on her bottom whilst he was talking to her.

Daisy and Germaine could hear most of the conversation between Arcadia and Wilbur, but they continued with their own conversation. During a brief silence in their conversation they heard Wilbur ask Arcadia to go home with him.

The response of Arcadia was immediate, “Just let me make a telephone call”.

With that she immediately took out her mobile telephone and rang the babysitter. Arcadia said, “Something has come up. Can you look after the children for the whole night? I know you have done it before and I am happy to pay you properly for so doing.”

The babysitter agreed and Arcadia said, “Thank you. I will be home in the morning to get the children off to school.”

Arcadia then ended the telephone call with the babysitter and put her mobile telephone back in her handbag. She then said to Wilbur Runkle, “Yes, I will go home with you”.

The response of Daisy and Germaine was as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Arcadia thanked them both for a lovely evening and said goodbye to them. Wilbur briefly removed his hand from the bottom of Arcadia to thank Germaine and Daisy for a lovely evening. Wilbur then said good evening to them both and returned his hand to the bottom of Arcadia as they walked out of the gallery together.

It was a short walk to Wilbur’s car and a short drive to his home. As soon as Wilbur shut the front door to his home the sexual encounter between Arcadia and Wilbur started in earnest. It lasted for about half an hour and saw them visit several rooms of his house. Ultimately they finished up in his bed where they slept the rest of the night.

Arcadia woke about 4:30 am to go to the toilet. She then got dressed and used her mobile telephone to order a taxi to take her home. By that stage Wilbur had awoken and he asked her what she was doing. She said she was going home as she had things to do there.

Wilbur said, “Can I have your telephone number?”

Arcadia replied, “I am not sure if I want to give it to you. For now I will leave you my underwear as a souvenir. I may come back later and get them from you.”

Arcadia then lifted up her dress, removed her underwear and dropped them on the end of the bed. She then picked up her purse and walked out the front door. As she did so the taxi she had ordered earlier arrived. She got in the taxi and it took her home.

Once Arcadia was home she had a shower and then started making preparations for her children to go to school that day.  She also made preparations for her to go to work.

When she was at work Arcadia spoke to both Daisy and Germaine on the telephone and thanked them again for an enjoyable evening. No mention was made of her going home with Wilbur Runkle.

Post-Adelaide Tour
When Tabernacle Calderone returned from the Adelaide tour he told Arcadia that Stiles Parsons was sacked from the band, that he would not be playing in the band any longer. No explanation was offered as to why that happened. Arcadia did not ask Tabernacle any questions about Stiles or the Adelaide tour.

Subsequently Stiles joined a new band as their drummer and he thought he was happy there. In conversation with Bonham Trudeaux, a friend of one of the members of the new band, Bonham revealed that he was having a sexual relationship with Arcadia Thiessen and that she was an extremely willing partner insofar as the sex was concerned. Whenever they get together they spent most of their time having sex. This shocked Stiles Parsons because Arcadia Thiessen always denied participating in any such behaviour and she always maintained how hurt she was when she found out her husband Tabernacle was cheating on her. She also knew Stiles Parsons was very attracted to her.

Bonham continued his story about his new girlfriend Arcadia. He said that he had photographs of her naked and performing oral sex on him. He then showed Stiles six (6) photographs he had on his mobile telephone. Stiles immediately recognised the woman in the photographs as Arcadia. The experience was making him feel sick, but he tried not to show any discomfort. He could see from at least two (2) of the four (4) photographs of Arcadia naked that they were taken at her home. He could also see in the two (2) photographs where Arcadia was performing oral sex that her wedding ring was clearly visible. By that stage Stiles had had enough and he made an excuse to leave. Bonham said good-bye to him and was none the wiser as to what Stiles really knew.

Unbeknown to Stiles Parsons Arcadia Thiessen also had a boyfriend in Sydney, Garlick Duckworth, whom she would organise to see every time she went to Sydney for her work. Arcadia would use the flimsiest of excuses to justify going to Sydney for work and that would give her an opportunity to spend time with Garlick Duckworth.

On the latest trip to Sydney Arcadia met a man on the plane, Guinness Chesterfield. He was several years younger than her and possessed of significant self-confidence. They were seated in adjoining seats and Guinness Chesterfield  made it very clear in rather loud tones that he wanted to get Arcadia into bed. Whilst Arcadia Thiessen did nothing to encourage Guinness Chesterfield, she certainly did nothing to discourage his attention.

When they got off the plane Guinness Chesterfield followed her to her taxi and she agreed to go to his hotel with him. She said she preferred those arrangements because that enabled her to leave his company whenever she saw fit. When they got to his hotel Guinness Chesterfield checked in and they both went to his room. Sex commenced almost immediately and it continued for about twenty (20) minutes. When it finished Guinness Chesterfield asked Arcadia Thiessen for her telephone number, but she refused to give it to him.

She said, “You really were not all that good and I am not in a hurry to see you again. In other circumstances I might leave you my underwear as a souvenir, but the guy I am going to see will expect me to be wearing underwear when I arrive.”

With that she left and proceeded to her hotel.

Her Hotel
Arcadia checked into her hotel and proceeded to her room where she made herself reasonably comfortable.

About half an hour later she got a text message from Garlick Duckworth asking if she had arrived at her hotel. She replied she was in her hotel and he could attend there immediately.

Before Garlick Duckworth arrived at her hotel room Arcadia Thiessen rang her children said goodnight to them.

About fifteen (15) minutes after her text message to him Arcadia met Garlick in the lobby of the hotel and then they proceeded to her hotel room. Pretty much as soon as they entered the hotel room sexual activity between them commenced. After about half an hour they stopped their sexual encounter, got dressed and went downstairs to the restaurant where they had dinner. The dinner was paid for by the employer of Arcadia Thiessen. During dinner almost all of the conversation from Garlick Duckworth was about him, because he is really only interested in himself. Arcadia did not tell Garlick about her sexual encounter earlier that day with Guinness Chesterfield.

After dinner at the restaurant Arcadia and Garlick returned to her hotel room and recommenced their sexual encounter.

The second sexual encounter with Garlick Duckworth did not last all that long and then Arcadia had a shower and went to sleep. Garlick Duckworth spent the remainder of the night with her in her hotel room. When they awoke the next morning there was another brief sexual encounter. When it ended Arcadia had a shower and got dressed for work. She had a conference to attend in Sydney before returning to Melbourne.

Arcadia Thiessen had ordered room service for breakfast for them both. When breakfast was over she prepared to leave the hotel for the conference. Garlick said he was very keen to see her again. He saw her as an undeniably attractive woman who provided him with very easy sex, as well as free meals whenever she visited. He certainly was not in love with her.

Stiles Parsons was extremely hurt by the revelations made to him about Arcadia. He was tired of being no more than a convenience for her. He knew Arcadia was away from Melbourne on business, so he took the opportunity to send a bunch of flowers to her home whilst she was away. The card attached to the flowers was deliberately ambiguous.

It read, “Thanks for a fantastic time. You really are amazing. I hope we can get together again the next time you are in town.”

Stiles knew the movements of Arcadia well enough to time the delivery of the flowers so that Tabernacle Calderone would see them well before she did.

The Stiles Parsons plan unfolded just as he desired. Tabernacle Calderone saw the flowers and the attached card well before Arcadia arrived home from her Sydney business trip. Tabernacle assumed Arcadia had been having an affair with another man, something he had suspected for quite some time. He photographed the flowers and the card. He kept the card and put it in his guitar case.

Tabernacle then made immediate arrangements to see a solicitor and get advice about separating from and divorcing Arcadia. The solicitor and Tabernacle agreed not to say anything about the divorce to Arcadia or anyone else until all preparations had been completed, which was expected to take about two (2) weeks. On the way home from the solicitors Tabernacle put the flowers in an industrial rubbish bin.

When Arcadia Thiessen arrived home Tabernacle acted as if nothing untoward had happened.