Friday, 24 October 2014

Hooked On a Feeling

Happy and relieved was how Arcadia Thiessen felt after finishing preparation of her presentations for the two (2) day Business Development Conference she was attending in Adelaide the next day. Her assistant had also just sent her an e-mail confirming her travel and accommodation arrangements for the trip. Arcadia then sent a text message to Theodore Pichot, her Adelaide boyfriend, informing him of her travel and accommodation details.

Theodore replied, “I have commitments that preclude me from seeing you tomorrow, however we could spend perhaps a couple of hours together before you go home the day after. I am keen to see you”.

The response from Arcadia was brief, “We will see if we can work something out when I get there”.

Arcadia then collected the material she needed to take with her for the conference and went off to the gym.

About ten (10) minutes into her work out Arcadia noticed there was a man paying close attention to her. O'Jones Delahunty was someone Arcadia had previously noticed at the gym, but they had no personal interaction. As she maintained her firm grip on the weights she was lifting, her wedding ring very visible to Delahunty He wasted little time. He introduced himself to Arcadia and almost immediately propositioned her.

“You are very self-confident”, Arcadia said, without much interruption to her workout.

“We can go to my place. It is less than ten (10) minutes away, Delahunty replied.

Without much hesitation Arcadia said to him, “Write down your address for me, I will meet you there shortly”.

Twenty (20) minutes later Delahunty greeted Arcadia at his front door. That was longer than their sexual encounter lasted. Arcadia thought the self-confidence Delahunty possessed at the gym was an over-statement of his sexual prowess, but did not share her less than flattering review of him with him.

She ended their encounter saying, “I have to go” and with that she separated herself from him and put her clothes back on.

Delahunty said to her, “Will I see you again?”

Arcadia replied, “You might see me at the gym”. She then left his house, got in her car and drove home to her husband, Tabernacle Calderone, and children.

Once she was home Arcadia shared none of her experience with O'Jones Delahunty with her husband and children. In contrast, O'Jones Delahunty was happy to share details of his encounter with Arcadia with several of his mates.

Adelaide Trip
The next day saw Arcadia travel to Adelaide without incident. After she booked into her hotel and settled into her hotel room, she then proceeded to the conference.

Morning Tea Break at The Adelaide Conference
During the morning tea break of the Adelaide Business Development Conference Parish Garner told Thackery Versailles, “I met Arcadia Thiessen at a conference in Perth last year. It is a well-known fact that every time Arcadia travels, she cheats on her husband. One of the reasons I came to this conference was because she was going to be speaking at it. Two mates of mine told me the last time she was here, they shared her and she was a very willing participant”.

Moments later Parish Garner saw Arcadia walk by them and he said, “Hello Arcadia. How are you?”

“Parish Garner from Perth, right?”, she replied.

Parish Garner: “Yes and this is my friend Thackery Versailles. Will you be speaking shortly?”

Arcadia: “Yes, not long after this morning tea break”.

Parish Garner: “You look fantastic”

Arcadia: “Thank you”

Parish Garner: “Are you doing anything this evening?

Arcadia: “Why?”

Parish Garner: “We would like to see you.”

Arcadia: “Both of you?”

Parish Garner: “Yes both of us”

Arcadia: “The two of you together and me?”

Parish Garner: “Yes”

Arcadia: “Where do you propose this happen?”

Parish Garner: “Our hotel room.”

Arcadia: “Oh I see”

Parish Garner: “We can do it in your hotel room if you like.  I understand you have been shared before.”

Arcadia: “A few times, yes, not a lot”

Parish Garner: “So we would like to share you tonight in our hotel room. Can we entice you?”

Arcadia had a big smile on her face. She seemed very pleased.
“Yes, all right. I will meet you in the bar at 8:00 pm. Now I have got to go back to the conference and get ready for my presentation.”

As Arcadia returned to the conference Thackery said to Parish “That was an interesting exchange”.

Parish replied, “Arcadia knew in Perth I found her attractive, but she had other company that was occupying her attention. So nothing happened between us. She is well-known”.

“I am not surprised, and seemingly well liked”, Thackery observed.

“Yes, she is rather popular and she knows it.”

Parish and Thackery ended their discussion and returned to the conference.

Hotel Bar
At about 7:50 pm Parish and Thackery arrived at the bar. They each ordered an orange juice and sat at a table. They were happy and a little excited. Parish summed up the situation well, “I know what arrangements we made earlier and I know what I said about Arcadia and her reputation. I also know we are both a bit excited about this endeavour. However experience has taught me not to be overconfident. We will wait to see if Arcadia arrives and then see what happens.”

Thackery replied, “That is a sensible approach.”

At about 8:03 pm Arcadia walked into the bar. Both men noticed her immediately. Only one or two of the buttons on her blouse were done up and it was very obvious she was not wearing a bra. Quite a lot of her bare breasts were visible as she approached the two men and greeted them.

They were clearly happy with what they saw and Arcadia was pleased with their reaction.

“Shall we?” Parish asked

“Lead  the way” Arcadia replied.

The three of them then made their way to the hotel elevators.

Thackery stood beside Arcadia, her blouse was very open. He could see a great deal of her bare right breast and quite a lot of her nipple. Arcadia saw Thackery looking at her breast and smiled at him.

Hotel Room of Parish Garner and Thackery Versailles
Moments later they were all walking down the corridor to the hotel room of Parish and Thackery. No one was speaking. Parish opened the hotel room door and let Arcadia enter the room first, Thackery followed her. Parish was last to enter the room and he made sure he put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the outside of the door before closing it. He then secured the door.

Arcadia immediately put her handbag on the table and took off her shoes. She put them beside one of the chairs. She then removed her blouse and put it over the back of one of the chairs.

When Parish and Thackery saw Arcadia undressing, they did likewise. Initially there was no conversation. Arcadia then removed her skirt and as she was placing it over the back of the chair on which she put her blouse, Thackery said, “No underwear?”

Arcadia replied “I did not wear anything unnecessary.”

“Fair enough” said Thackery.

Arcadia then walked over to Thackery’s bed. As she sat down Thackery had finished removing his clothes. She encouraged him to approach her. He did so and she took him into her mouth. Within seconds Parish had removed his clothes and he walked over to Arcadia and Thackery. He stood to the right of Thackery facing Arcadia and with her left hand she starting stroking the penis of Parish. Her wedding ring was obvious, as was the arousal of both men. Arcadia then took Parish in her mouth and she alternated between the two of them for a while.

Not long after this Arcadia repositioned herself on the bed. She was on all fours and just before she put Thackery back in her mouth, she said, “Just so you know guys. I do not do anal. Is that understood?”

“Yes” was the reply from both Parish and Thackery.

Parish walked round behind Arcadia and knelt on the bed. Arcadia could feel him caressing her bottom. Parish then entered Arcadia from behind. Thackery saw Arcadia pause her attention to him briefly to concentrate on Parish. When his penetration was complete she resumed her attention to Thackery. Both men were obviously very happy with what was going on and they soon increased the tempo of their thrusting. Arcadia did not seem in any way unhappy with the attention she was receiving.

Once again Arcadia paused her attention to Thackery. She said to both men, “Do you want to change positions?”

They looked at each other and said “Sure”

Parish was first to relocate and Arcadia took him in her mouth. Thackery was cautious in his attempt at entering Arcadia from behind and achieved penetration without too much trouble. Consistent with their earlier behaviour, there was soon some more rigorous thrusting by both men.

After about twenty (20) minutes Arcadia put an end to proceedings.

She said, “You boys have had your fun and so have I. It is time for me to leave. I have to prepare for my seminar tomorrow.”

She got off the bed and walked over to the chair where she put her clothes. She put on her skirt and blouse. As she was doing up her blouse she was also stepping into her shoes. She then picked up her hand bag and walked to the door. Parish and Thackery were still naked as they watched Arcadia unlock the door and open it.

And Then There were Two
She then turned to them and said “See you later”. Without waiting for a reply Arcadia walked out the door and proceeded to her hotel room.

After the door closed behind Arcadia Parish said, “Well that is one way to make an exit”.

Thackery seemed a little stunned by the speed of the exit by Arcadia. There was no further discussion between the two men, for the time being. Parish went and had a shower. As he did so Thackery sent text messages to three (3) of his friends, informing them he just had a threesome with Arcadia and Parish.

When Parish came out of the shower there was discussion between the two men about the events of the evening. But there was no discussion about whether they would tell anyone about what occurred.

Thackery did not shower, he said he wanted to keep the smell of Arcadia on him. He also knew he was sleeping in the bed where they all had sex.

The Next Morning
Next morning neither Parish nor Thackery saw Arcadia. They attended the rest of the conference, without incident.  Then they made their way to the airport, where they meet a work friend.

“Where have you guys been?”, he asked

“At the Business Development Conference”, Parish replied.

“Was that the one at which Arcadia Thiessen was speaking?”

“Yes. We met her and had a threesome with her last night”, Parish continued.

“Lucky guys. I have to go, my plane is about to board.”

“So Arcadia really is well known?” Thackery asked Parish.

“In some circles, yes. Very well known and very popular” answered Parish.

Adelaide Business Development Conference - Day Two
About fifteen (15) minutes before Arcadia gave her second seminar at the Conference she exchanged text messages with Theodore Pichot, her Adelaide boyfriend, and made arrangements to meet him for lunch. Immediately after she completed her presentation Arcadia left the Conference and caught a taxi to the restaurant where she met Theodore Pichot for lunch. During lunch they agreed to visit Theodore’s home on the way to Arcadia going to the airport.

At Pichot’s house Arcadia proceeded straight to his bedroom. Theodore followed her. Their sexual encounter lasted for about twenty (20) minutes. They then got dressed and Pichot drove Arcadia to the airport, so she would not miss her flight home to Melbourne.

Divorce Preparation Finalised By Tabernacle Calderone
By the time Arcadia was on the plane returning to Melbourne from Adelaide, the boasting of O'Jones Delahunty about his sexual encounter with Arcadia had reached Tabernacle Calderone. He was not impressed. Tabernacle told his lawyers of this latest Arcadia infidelity tale. They agreed it was time to finalise the divorce papers and file them in the Court.

In the mean time Tabernacle Calderone had arranged new residential premises and relocated there with the children.

Service of Divorce Proceedings
When Arcadia returned home from her Adelaide business trip, neither her husband nor her children were there to greet her. On the kitchen table she found the note accompanying the flowers Stiles Parsons had previously sent her on top of an A4 envelope. Inside the envelope was a copy of the divorce proceedings documents.