Sunday, 23 November 2014

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Bonham Trudeaux and Arcadia Thiessen
Unaware of her divorce situation, Bonham Trudeaux telephoned Arcadia Thiessen, with the hope of seeing her and having sex with her.

“Can I come over and see you?”, he said. Better to do it at her place, he thought. I do not want to spend any money on her.

“I cannot talk to you, at the moment. I will call you later”, Arcadia replied.

Bonham thought nothing unusual of the conversation and organised to do something else.

Stiles Parsons Contacts Tabernacle Calderone
When Stiles Parsons heard that Arcadia had separated from Tabernacle Calderone, he contacted Calderone to see what was going on, notwithstanding the difficulties they had endured in the band.

A very different picture was now emerging about Arcadia, Parsons thought. She always contended that she was a loyal wife, yet Bonham Trudeaux contended Arcadia was his girlfriend and Bonham showed Parsons pictures on his mobile telephone of Arcadia naked and also of her performing oral sex on him, with her wedding ring clearly visible.

“We have separated and I have commenced divorce proceedings” Calderone told Parsons.

Calderone continued, “It seems for at least eighteen (18) months Arcadia has been having an affair with Garlick Duckworth, a guy from Sydney. She travelled often with her work to see him and spoke with him most days by telephone. They were also very good at texting each other.”

Parsons said to himself, So Arcadia was involved with Bonham Trudeaux and Garlick Duckworth. Her loyal and faithful wife story is now in tatters.

Stiles Parsons Meets Bonham Trudeaux
Angered by the way she treated him, Parsons decided to contact Bonham to see if he could get Bonham to give him a copy of the photographs of Arcadia naked and her having sex with Bonham.  He would then give those photographs to Garlick Calderone.

Parsons telephoned Bonham and asked him if he would like to have dinner at the Hard Slog Café near where Parsons lived. Bonham agreed and arrangements were made to meet at 7:00 pm.

There were very few people at the Hard Slog Café that evening, which suited both Parsons and Bonham.

After they ordered their meals, Parsons asked Bonham, “Are you still seeing Arcadia?

Bonham replied, “I have not seen her for a couple of weeks, but yes, I am still seeing her”.

Parsons: “Have you still got those photographs of her?”

Bonham: “Yes I do”.

Parsons: “Would you mind if I saw them again?”

Bonham: “No, not at all. Here they are on my telephone”.

Parsons was prepared on this occasion to see the photographs of Arcadia. He did not find them as distressing as he did the first time Bonham showed them to him. He calmly looked at the photographs and he did not tell Bonham that he knew Arcadia.

Parsons then asked Bonham, “Do you mind giving me a copy of those photographs?”

“No trouble at all”, Bonham replied and he sent a copy of the photographs to the mobile telephone of Parsons.

Parsons looked at his telephone to confirm that the photographs had been received and then he thanked Bonham. Parsons then changed the topic and Arcadia was not further discussed that evening.

Stiles Parsons Meets with Tabernacle Calderone
Parsons decided to visit Tabernacle Calderone at his home and try to tell Calderone what he knew of Arcadia, at least insofar as the relationship with Bonham and the photographs were concerned.

Calderone agreed to invite Parsons into his house and have a conversation with him about Arcadia.

Parsons said, “We have had our differences in recent times. I do not wish to cause any more aggravation. However there is something I thought you should know in relation to your separation and divorce from Arcadia. A guy I know has some photographs of her and I got him to provide me with a copy of them. I think you should see them. I doubt that you will find them pleasant viewing.”

Parsons then showed the photographs he had on his telephone to Calderone.

Calderone looked at all of the photographs. It was apparent to Parsons that Calderone found them upsetting. Parsons did not say anything, he waited for Calderone to speak.

After several minutes Parsons noticed Calderone seemed to be trying to speak, but could not get out the words. Parsons then said to him, “If you like, I can give you a copy of photographs and then I will leave”.

Calderone said, “I will take a copy of the photographs, but please do not leave. I would rather you stayed and kept me company than be alone this evening”.

Parsons was surprised to hear that response from Calderone. It was a very long time since he had shared emotions of that kind with Parsons.

Once the logistics of sharing the photographs had been negotiated, Parsons told Calderone briefly what he knew about the photographs and then changed the topic of conversation immediately.  He did what he could to not discuss Arcadia in any way for the rest of the evening. Calderone was unusually and understandably subdued in his interaction that evening, but Parsons was not going to use that as an excuse to leave early.

After about two (2) hours he thought they had spent enough time together and Calderone said he was leaving. Calderone did not object and thanked Parsons for visiting him and supporting him. Parsons then walked to his car and drove home.

Tabernacle Calderone Meets with His Solicitor
The next day, a still unsettled Calderone contacted his solicitor, Zorgarn Kreptic, and told him about the photographs of Arcadia and Bonham Trudeaux.

Kreptic said, “Those photographs may strengthen your contention that the focus of Arcadia was on her social life, not her children. It is also the case that denial by Arcadia of this affair with Bonham Trudeaux would further erode her credibility.”

Kreptic continued, “I will add them to the draft affidavit I have prepared for you. They will augment the telephone records and room service bills which suggest Arcadia was having an affair with Garlick Duckworth. We will use them to support your contention that the focus of Arcadia was on her social life, not her children”.

“As we have discussed previously, Mr Calderone, it is my view that the denial by Arcadia of the affair with Duckworth hurts her credibility. Her involvement with this other guy, Bonham Trudeaux, adds to her difficulties.”

“In the profile of Garlick Duckworth we had compiled for your matter, we have discovered that he is a vain, self-promoter, who likes to put other people down and who apparently has no interest in anyone but himself, especially the children of Arcadia.”

Calderone said, “I still believe what I have said many times before, the primary focus of Arcadia is her social life, not the children. Her involvement with these men confirms that view, in my opinion.”

After discussing the situation with Kreptic, Calderone said he wanted Arcadia to clarify her relationship with Duckworth.

“I do not want Arcadia to have contact with the children, if there is a chance Duckworth will see them, because Duckworth is an unknown and a risk. In my view it is dangerous to expose the children to any significant relationship with Duckworth, when he has not been tested with them or as a parent”, Calderone said firmly.

“Arcadia also has low self-esteem now, which is bad for the children to see”, he added.

Kreptic replied, “I will write to the solicitors for Arcadia and outline your position in relation to Arcadia having contact with your children, bearing in mind her involvement with Duckworth. If and when we get a response, you and I can discuss that issue further.”

“I expect to have your draft affidavit ready for you to read in a couple of days. I will include in it the new information you have provided to me today.”

The telephone call then ended.

Arcadia Meets with Her Solicitor, Siobhan Blanco
When Siobhan Blanco read the letter from Zorgarn Kreptic in relation to Arcadia Thiessen and Tabernacle Calderone, she was surprised by its contents. Blanco was completely unaware of any involvement on the part of Arcadia with Garlick Duckworth. The letter did not have all of the details of that involvement, but it had enough for Blanco to treat it very seriously.

Shortly thereafter Blanco contacted Arcadia and expressed her anger about the dishonesty of Arcadia proved by Calderone and his solicitors.  Arcadia had no good answer for her deception regarding her relationship with Duckworth.

Blanco told Arcadia, “It seems to me that you are going to have to provide significant details about Garlick Duckworth to satisfy Calderone that it is appropriate for you to have contact with the children, if there is a chance Duckworth will see them. Your credibility is also now squarely an issue in this matter.”

This news surprised Arcadia and she was struggling to say anything in response. The divorce was not going according to her plan, she thought.

Arcadia provided some sketchy details of Duckworth to Blanco, but very little of substance.

Arcadia Contacts Duckworth
Arcadia decided to telephone Duckworth and inform him of the developments in her divorce. She said to him, “My solicitors have received a letter from the solicitors for Calderone and they seem to be completely aware of my relationship with you over the last eighteen (18) months

“My solicitor said that I will have to provide significant details about you to satisfy Calderone that it is appropriate for me to have contact with the children, if there is a chance you will see them”

Duckworth was of little help to Arcadia with his reply, “I guess with losing your job, you will not be coming to Sydney any time soon?”

Arcadia became angry with him, “Can you stop thinking about yourself for a while and try to concentrate on what I am saying?”

The response from Duckworth was again unhelpful, “I am not in a position to have a discussion with you at the moment. I have something that needs my attention. Perhaps we will talk later.”

Duckworth then ended the telephone call.

Arcadia was stunned by the response of Duckworth and it took her some considerable time to compose herself after the telephone call with him.

Arcadia Seeks Out Stiles Parsons
Stiles Parsons may be helpful, Arcadia thought, so she contacted him in the hope of obtaining some support from him. Arcadia told Parsons the hard-done-by story. She was unaware Parsons knew about her affairs with Garlick Duckworth and Bonham Trudeaux. Parsons was no longer buying her hard-done-by story. To his surprise, Arcadia revealed that the divorce litigation with Calderone had uncovered her affairs with Duckworth and Trudeaux. She did not reveal any other lovers, but Parsons suspected that there would be more.

Parsons was somewhat subdued in his conversation with Arcadia and he ensured he did not reveal the assistance he provided to Calderone in relation to her. He thought, it was noticeable that her conversation with him lacked any apology to him for all the previous deception she had perpetrated upon him by continually contending she was a loyal and faithful wife. Arcadia was still only thinking of herself.

After a short time, Parsons found a way to politely end the conversation with Arcadia.

Parish Garner Rang Arcadia
Several days later Parish Garner from Perth rang Arcadia on her mobile telephone. He said, “I really enjoyed meeting you at the Adelaide Business Development Conference. Are you going to be in Perth any time soon? I also have a friend who knows I shared you with Thackery Versailles, he would like to meet you too”.

Arcadia did not want to have this discussion, nor did she want to reveal that she had lost her job and her divorce was now rather difficult for her.

She told Parish, “I am not in a position to speak with you at the moment. I might call you later.”

She then ended the call.

Interim Court Hearing
Tabernacle Calderone filed an Application for Interim Parenting Orders and it subsequently came on for hearing.

After reading the affidavit material submitted to the Court by both Arcadia and Calderone and then hearing submissions on that material by their respective barristers, relevantly, the Judge hearing the Application found that:
  • The telephone records, room service bills and photographs were compelling evidence of the involvement of Arcadia with other men
  • Arcadia was not a witness of credit
  • The primary focus of Arcadia was her social life, not the children
  • Arcadia has no job
  • It was in the best interests of the children that they live with the father, Tabernacle Calderone
  • Arcadia is to tell Calderone whenever Duckworth is to have any contact with the children.

Arcadia was devastated to hear the decision of the Judge. In contrast Calderone was very happy.