Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Cold, Cold Heart

Hermione McEwan telephoned Jason Haldis to invite him to accompany her to a barbeque to which she was invited. He accepted.

“I will be at your house at 7:30 pm tonight to pick you up”, she said.

Whilst at the barbecue they meet Pedro Devine, a friend of the sister of Hermione. In conversation with him he told them he was the jilted lover of Chastity Lewis. She had dumped him after lying to him for six (6) months about not having other lovers, yet she flaunted them via social media.

During their conversation with him neither Hermione nor Jason revealed to Pedro what they actually did. Jason told Pedro they were both security consultants.

Pedro said, “Chastity was in town speaking at a conference I was attending. We met during the lunch break and she asked me if I would like to have dinner with her. I agreed. At dinner she was extremely charming and told me she was trapped in a bad marriage.”

Hermione interjected, “You are kidding? She said she was trapped in a bad marriage?”

Pedro continued, “No, I am not kidding. That is what she said and her story was convincing. During dinner she was quite seductive, in her own way too. When the invitation to go back to her hotel room with her arrived, I was not going to resist. Chastity had a compelling quality about her. The sex with her was spectacular that night and I wanted to see her again. She told me she would contact me every time she was in town for business and we could see each other then. She seemed happy with those arrangements.”

Jason: “I expect she was very happy with those arrangements.”

Hermione: “How did you contact each other in between times?”

Pedro: “Chastity gave me her personal mobile telephone number and we rang each other and / or sent text messages to each other most days of the week.”

Jason: “I gather her husband did not know anything about this arrangement?”

Pedro: “Not as far as I am aware.  Our contact arrangements were such that he would not find out, so Chastity told me.”

Hermione asked Pedro, “Can you tell me the telephone number of Chastity Lewis, please?”

Pedro located the number and gave it to Hermione.

“I will make some enquiries about her”, Hermione said.

“So will I”, Jason added.

Hermione: “Does Chastity Lewis work for InterStellar Insurance?”

Pedro: “Yes”.

Hermione: Is she a Risk Assessment Analyst?”

Pedro: “Yes”.

Jason: “Does she speak at conferences?”

Pedro: “Yes”

Hermione then showed Pedro her mobile telephone.
“Is that her picture and biography on the Conference Speaker List?”

Pedro: “Yes”

Hermione: “How long did the good times last?”

Pedro: “About fifteen (15) months and then Chastity started lying to me for about six (6) months about not having other lovers, yet she flaunted them via social media.”

Hermione: “Did you see her during those six (6) moths?”

Pedro: “Very rarely. She always had excuses as to why we could not see each other. But she always seemed to be able to travel to see the men she was flaunting on social media.”

Jason: “And then she dumped you?”

Pedro: “A disinterested telephone call was all I got from her telling me our relationship was over. She had clearly moved on to these other men by that stage and I was of no use to her, so she discarded me.”

Jason: “Not a bad life for someone ‘trapped in a bad marriage’.”

Pedro: “It certainly did not make me happy.”

Hermione: “I do not expect it did.”

Jason: “Would you like someone to have a chat with her?”

Pedro responded immediately, “I would like someone to do a lot more than just have a chat with her.”

Then he looked at Hermione and Jason and reconsidered the question. His next response was a little different.

“Yes, I would like someone to have a chat with her.”

Jason: “We will see what we can do.”

Hermione: “You say you managed to keep your affair with Chastity Lewis quiet and very discreet. It would be helpful for all concerned if you were similarly discreet about this conversation.”

Pedro: “I understand completely.”

Jason: “That would be very helpful.”

Pedro: “Here are some of her social media posts about where she is next likely to travel for business over the next few months.”

Pedro then showed his mobile telephone to Jason and Hermione.

Jason read the social media posts to which Pedro referred him.

“Thank you, Pedro. I have made copies of them”, Hermione said.

Jason then returned the mobile telephone to Pedro.

Jason: “We should probably mix with other people here tonight, Pedro. So as not to draw unnecessary attention to ourselves.”

Hermione: “We can perhaps chat again later in the evening, if we need to.”

Pedro: “OK. Thank you for talking to me.”

Pedro then went and joined a group of six (6) or seven (7) people, who seemed to be having a humourous conversation.

Hermione: “I am interested in having a chat with Chastity Lewis.”

Jason: “That is a little forward for you, Hermione.”

Hermione: “My sister has told me many times what a nice guy Pedro is and how much Chastity Lewis upset him by the way she treated him.”

Jason: “Your enthusiasm has captured my attention and so has your proposed project. I am also interested in having a chat with Chastity Lewis. It seems she will be at The Troubadour Hotel next month and you are quite fond of The Troubadour Hotel.”

Hermione: “It is true I know my way around The Troubadour Hotel. It will be no trouble to set up an audio-visual feed in the room in which Chastity Lewis is staying at the Hotel.”

Shortly thereafter Hermione and Jason left the barbecue, without anyone apparently being aware of their departure.

As Hermione parked her car outside the house of Jason, he said to her, “That turned out to be an interesting barbeque and evening, Hermione.”

Hermione: “Pedro Devine was not the reason I invited you. He just happened to be there. But it has certainly been an interesting evening. I will speak with you again tomorrow.”

Jason said “Thank you” and walked inside his house.

Hermione then drove home.

Troubadour Hotel Room Surprise
Eight (8) days later Jason said to Hermione, “So, Hermione, it is off to The Troubadour Hotel.”

“Yes, Jason. I have already installed the audio-visual feed in the room.”

Jason: “If things go as we suspect, Chastity Lewis will have an audio-video souvenir of her adulterous visit to The Troubadour Hotel.”

Hermione: “Which she will share with her family, friends and work colleagues.”

Jason: “Our taxi to The Love Shack awaits.”

Hermione: “Then let us not delay.”

When they arrived at The Troubadour Hotel Hermione told Jason, “I have arranged for us to have a room nearby the Love Nest. It will make our operations a little easier.”

Hermione: “I also managed to upload a bug to her mobile telephone, so I should be able to tell when Chastity Lewis is in the hotel.”

Jason: “Very helpful.”

About an hour and twenty (20) minutes after Jason and Hermione arrived at The Troubadour Hotel Chastity Lewis arrived. A man accompanied her as she checked in.

Hermione said to Jason: “I believe the star of the show has arrived and she appears to have a male companion.”

Jason: “I expect it will not be long before the floorshow starts.”

Hermione: “You would think the companion would be a little discreet about attending here with Chastity. Presenting at the Reception Counter with her draws unnecessary attention to them.”

The Chastity Lewis Hotel Room
After checking in, Chastity Lewis and her male companion proceeded to their hotel room.

Jason: “Your equipment seems to be working very well, Hermione. That is quite a view we are getting.”

Hermione said, “The sound is working too” as she let Jason listen to her headphones.

Jason: “Obviously getting to know each other is a higher priority for this pair than unpacking their bags and the like.”

Hermione: “She is clearly a very willing participant in this interpersonal interaction and a rather vocal one as well.”

Jason: “I suspect her experience is far superior to his.”

Hermione: “Yes and I predict that they will call for room service shortly. That will be our cue. I have enough audio-visual material for our purposes, so we can proceed with the next stage of our plan.”

Jason: “I think I am ready.”

Room Service
As Hermione predicted, ten (10) minutes later, Chastity telephoned for room service.

Wearing an earpiece from Hermione and disguised as room service staff, Jason visited the hotel room of Chastity Lewis with a trolley carrying food. Whilst he waited outside the room and knocked on the door, Hermione told Jason that the male guest of Chastity Lewis had gone into the bathroom, which was just inside the hotel room door.

As Chastity let Jason into the hotel room, she walked over to the table where she said to Jason she wanted him to put the food. Jason detoured from that path, walked in to the bathroom and shot the companion of Chastity dead, using a gun with a silencer.

He then walked back into the main hotel room area and spoke with Chastity, whilst pointing the gun at her.

“Do not say one (1) word”, Jason said sternly to her. “Sit on the bed and watch the television.”

A stunned and scared Chastity did as she was told.

Hermione then played the recording of Chastity entering the hotel with her my companion and the subsequent sexual liaison between the two (2) of them on the television in the hotel room.

Chastity was in shock at what she was watching.

Jason again spoke to Chastity, “Do not worry about your mobile telephone. It has been disabled. And do not get any clever ideas. We are going to have a chat about your infidelity.”

“That very entertaining video you have just watched is going to be shared with a variety of people from the address book of your mobile telephone, including your husband, your parents and your employer.”

Hermione told Jason the video distribution was complete.

Jason continued to Chastity, “I was also going to make you make some telephone calls and confess your infidelity, but that is too much trouble. Instead, you can join your lover.”

Jason promptly shot Chastity Lewis three (3) times and killed her.

Jason then telephoned one of his contacts and they immediately attended the hotel room, disguised as cleaning and housekeeping staff. Both the dead bodies were put in trolleys covered by soiled laundry. They were then taken downstairs and transported to the Central City Hospital.

As Jason helped the cleaning crew clean up after him, Hermione removed the audio-visual feed she set up for the room. They had all clearly done this before because it was done quietly and with precision. Within twenty (20) minutes they were all walking out of the hotel room and it looked like nothing untoward had happened.

Fifteen (15) minutes later Jason and Hermione were greeted by his friend in the furnace room in the bowels of the Central City Hospital. Without delay the bodies of Chastity Lewis and her lover were put into the furnace with lots of waste from the hospital that was being destroyed. Like that hospital waste, they were never seen again.

Once Hermione and Jason finished the job, they had lunch together.

During the lunch Hermione telephoned Pedro Devine and told him Chastity Lewis and her lover would not be attending any further conferences.