Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Dead Air

Sleep-Over with a Surprise
Daisy and Trixiebell Lievremont were in an unusually excited mood when they returned from their Friday night sleep-over at the house of their friend Milisende Espinosa.

“Mummy, we heard daddy on the radio last night and he was with another lady. They were talking about soccer”, they told their mother, Tuesday Lievremont.

“Where did you hear it?” Tuesday asked them.

“Milisende’s dad had it on his computer”, Daisy said.

This was all news to Tuesday and she did not wish to discuss it any further with her children.

“I will talk to Milisende’s dad and get him to tell me about it, so do not worry about it”, she said.

“Okay, Mum”, Both of them said and the conversation turned to other less controversial matters.

Tuesday Lievremont Telephones  Enrique Espinosa
About half an hour after the girls returned home, Hendrick Lievremont, their father, was still not home, so Tuesday Lievremont telephoned Enrique Espinosa.

“Enrique, My daughters tell me that last night they heard their father, Hendrick, on the radio on your computer and he was with another lady talking about soccer. Can you explain that to me?”, she asked.

“It was a podcast of a local soccer competition he does with Electra Mirabelle, whom I believe you know. She is forty (40) and married with two (2) children, aged 7 and 5. Hendrick and Electra have been doing the podcast together for about eighteen (18) months”, he replied.

Tuesday: “How do I find this podcast?

Enrique: “I have your e-mail address, I will send you a link to the podcast. I will also include a link to the associated web page Enrique has set up for it. You should have them in a couple of minutes.”

“I am a little surprised you do not know about the podcast and the website. Enrique and Electra Mirabelle are very friendly on it.”

Tuesday: “Your e-mail has arrived and the link to the website seems to be working. Thank you. I will have a look at the website and the podcast and talk with you later. Thank you for letting our daughters stay at your house last night. Once again they seem to have enjoyed themselves.

Enrique: “It is a pleasure having your daughters stay. Milisende had a good time too. I will talk with you later.”

The telephone conversation then ended.

Tuesday Views The Website and Podcast
With her daughters watching television and Hendrick not expected home for another couple of hours, Tuesday had a good look at the website Hendrick had set up for the soccer podcast. She was struck by the number of photographs in which Hendrick and Electra Mirabelle appeared together and how happy the two of them seemed in those photographs. In several of the photographs their respective weddings rings were visible.

Tuesday then turned her attention to the podcasts. She thought it best to start at the first discussion podcast. Almost immediately Tuesday heard an uncomfortable familiarity between Hendrick, her husband, and Electra Mirabelle. That tone continued throughout the podcast and was present in the next podcast. By the third podcast Tuesday was feeling sick, as Hendrick and Electra Mirabelle were clearly having an affair and flaunting it to the world via these podcasts. Each and every podcast she heard had the same tone.

Tuesday had seen and heard enough. She logged out of the computer. Picked up her mobile telephone and went for a walk in the back yard. She was devastated and furious. After a few minutes she telephoned her sister, Roxanne May, and told her what she had discovered.

Roxanne told Tuesday to come and visit her alone, so they can have an uninterrupted discussion.

Tuesday: “The children stayed at the home of Enrique Espinosa last night. I will see if I can get him to look after the children again and so I can come to your place immediately.”

Roxanne May: “That would be a good option.”

Tuesday said, “I will let you know how I go” and ended the conversation

Tuesday Telephoned Enrique Espinosa
Tuesday then telephoned Enrique Espinosa.
“Can you look after my children at your place for a couple of hours please? I want to have a conversation with my sister and I do not want the children to hear any of its contents.”

Enrique: “What has happened?”

Tuesday: “I think you know what has happened.”

Enrique: “Oh, the podcasts. Yes, I understand. I am happy to look after your daughters for you and I will not say anything to Hendrick, if he asks me any questions.”

Tuesday: “Thank you. I am very grateful to you. I will see you with the children in about thirty (30) minutes.”

Enrique: “No worries. I will tell Milisende she is going to get visitors.”

The telephone call with Enrique then ended and Tuesday immediately told Daisy and Trixiebell that they were going to visit Milisende again, because something had turned up that needed her immediate attention.

The girls were happy that they were going to visit Milisende again and within thirty (30) minutes they were visiting her again, as Tuesday had predicted.

Enrique said to Tuesday, “Take your time with your sister. Your daughters will be fine here.”

Tuesday: Thank you, Enrique”.

Tuesday Visits Roxanne May
Tuesday then drove straight to the house of her sister, Roxanne May.

When she arrived they went to Roxanne’s computer and viewed the website Hendrick had set up for the soccer podcast. Roxanne was shocked by what she saw and even more shocked by what she heard when they listened to the podcasts.

Roxanne said, “How angry are you, Tuesday? I am so angry I am having trouble speaking”

Tuesday replied, “About as angry as you, I think.”

Roxanne: “What do you want to do? I know what I want to do and I think I know someone who knows someone who would do it.”

Tuesday: “What do you mean?”

Roxanne: “I know someone who says they know a man who will take those two out, without leaving any trace to you. There will be a significant fee involved. The stories I have heard are that he has always delivered.”

Tuesday: “How do you know this?”

Roxanne: “I meet people in my life and, unlike your husband, I do not flaunt my relationships to the world.”

Tuesday: “I understand. Yes”

Roxanne: “OK. I will make some enquiries and let you know what I have arranged. In the meantime, do not say anything to Hendrick about any of this. It would be a good idea if your daughters said nothing about it also.”

Tuesday: ”I will do my best.”

Roxanne: “You can go home now and try to act as if nothing has changed.”

Tuesday then drove to the house of Enrique Espinosa and collected her daughters, Daisy and Trixiebell. The three (3) of them then went home and Tuesday prepared dinner for the family, as if nothing had changed.

When Hendrick Lievremont arrived home, it was as if nothing different had occurred in the household. There was no discussion about Electra Mirabelle or the soccer podcasts.

Jason Haldis Has Lunch with Hermione McEwan
Jason Haldis was having lunch with Hermione McEwan when his mobile telephone rang.

Jason listened during the telephone call, but did not say very much.

He told his caller, “Be at the Sidewalk Café, Park Road, Milton at 11:00 am on Thursday with an A4 sized yellow envelope containing details of the package and the fee. Make sure the envelope is under her left arm. Is that understood?”

Jason: “OK”

He then ended the call and returned to his lunch with Hermione.

Hermione asked, “Work call?”

Jason replied, “Yes”

Hermione said, “I will not ask any further questions, unless you want me to help.”

Jason: “I may get you to help on this one, it could be interesting. I will see what happens and let you know.”

Hermione: “OK”.

They then completed their lunch and went their separate ways.

Jason Haldis Arrangements
The next day Roxanne telephoned Tuesday with the arrangements for engaging Jason Haldis, the hitman, although Tuesday was not told his name.

Roxanne said to Tuesday, “I have been told to tell you to be at the Sidewalk Café, Park Road, Milton at 11:00 am on Thursday with an A4 sized yellow envelope containing details of the package, including the fee. I will help you with the fee. Make sure the envelope is under your left arm.”

Conveniently for Tuesday, most of the relevant identification details for Hendrick Lievremont and Electra Mirabelle were contained on the web site Hendrick created for the soccer podcast, including when the next live broadcast was scheduled. So compiling the envelope contents for Jason was not a very complex or time consuming experience.

Sidewalk Café, Park Road, Milton
Tuesday arrived at the Sidewalk Café, Park Road, Milton about 10:45 am and discovered that it was a stand, not the café she was expecting. She then sat at a café nearby until closer to 11:00 am. She put the A4 yellow envelope on the table in front of her.

At 10:57 am Tuesday left the café, put the A4 yellow envelope under her left arm and walked slowly to the Sidewalk Café.

Jason recognised the woman with the A4 sized yellow envelope under her left arm walking slowly to the Sidewalk Café as he was making his way to it.

Just as she arrived at the Sidewalk Café Jason walked up beside Tuesday and said to her, “I am going to order tea, what would you like?”

Initially Tuesday was surprised, then she realised what was occurring. “I will have a herbal tea, thank you.” Tuesday replied.

Jason then went to the counter and placed his order. Instead of waiting at the counter he returned to Tuesday and had a conversation with her. There were other people standing and waiting also. Some were talking, some were not.

“Would you like me to deliver that for you?” Jason asked Tuesday, as he looked at the A4 yellow envelope under her left arm.

“If you do not mind”, Tuesday said and she handed the envelope to Jason.

Jason took the envelope and casually looked inside at its contents.

After a short pause Jason replied, “I do not anticipate any problems.”

By that stage their drinks were ready and they approached the café counter to collect them.

Jason said to Tuesday, “I will contact you when delivery has been completed.”

Tuesday said, “Fine”.

Tuesday and Jason then went their separate ways.

The Live Podcast
Match night arrived and Jason had positioned himself in the ceiling of the house of Electra Mirabelle where he had a good, clear view of Electra Mirabelle and Hendrick Lievremont as they did their live podcast of the soccer match. Apart from Jason, Electra and Hendrick were the only people in the house.

After the soccer match had been under way for about ten (10) minutes Jason shot and killed both Electra Mirabelle and Hendrick Lievremont from his vantage point in the ceiling. The podcast then had dead air.

Tuesday Lievremont listened to the podcast on her computer at home, much as it pained her to do so. When she heard the broadcast of the live commentary of the soccer match go silent, Tuesday thought Jason Haldis had delivered the package.

Jason quickly and quietly made his way out of the premises of Electra Mirabelle.

Twenty (20) minutes later the house exploded in flames. The fire was fierce and not a lot was left when the fire was finally put out. Both Electra Mirabelle and Hendrick Lievremont were burnt beyond recognition and could only be identified by dental records.

After the subsequent investigation the official cause of the fire was found to be that it started due to a fault in the podcast broadcast equipment. The deaths of both Electra Mirabelle and Hendrick Lievremont were said to have been caused by the fire.